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If this is your 1st time to visit Bob’s

Transaction Web Site, here are a couple of suggestions to keep in mind as you

enter and begin to use the personalized transaction web site to make your return

trip easier to navigate:

1) You will have the opportunity to change your assigned password to

something easier

to remember and/or

2) You will have the opportunity to create a desktop icon which will log

you in automatically every time without having to come to this site first (Never

type or forget your user name or password again)

to Login to Your Transaction Tracking Web SiteIf you are just surfing the web and wondering what this is all about,

that’s great too. Thank you for your interest in wanting to find out more about

Bob’s “Online Transaction Tracker” using SettlementRooms Transaction

Management System.

In continuing efforts to provide professional real estate

services, with a “commitment to service excellence”, Bob now offers

Buyers and Sellers the ability to participate in and track their entire real

estate transaction on the Internet, in real time, whenever they wish, and at any

computer with Internet access. is a secure, password protected easy to use and access

Website and is offered free of additional charges as an additional professional

service to Bob’s real estate clients. It is where Buyers, Sellers, and

participants to the transaction are invited to view and track the status of

their Real Estate Transaction Online. Each invited participant has the ability

to view, print, post and send documents, receive, reply and post messages, view

open and completed tasks and their timelines, send Email, keep private notes,

set viewer privileges and access links to other informational Websites.

It is a Real Estate Transaction Folder Online, with one access point, and a

convenient place where all the documents and correspondence in the real estate

transaction are available, such as legal paperwork and documents, contact

information, letters, messages and conversation details. A Summary Page includes

the Transaction details, open and completed tasks, messages, documents and

Website links. Requiring only Internet access, your real estate purchase or sale

transaction details are always available, whether you are at home, at work or on

a business trip.

Its simple to use. Just log in with an assigned user name and temporary

password (which can be changed to a private one), and enjoy the benefits of

actively tracking and participating in your Real Estate Transaction Online with

Bob Thompson and

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