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Book Review: Percy Jackson Series

This is a whimsical story about a young demigod fighting to prove himself worthy of being one of the big three’s son. As Percy is sent on a life dangerous quest with his two best friends. He finds help in unexpected places like the back of an animal truck. But as the story progresses you learn about betrayal and how you can make an ally out of anyone even a god.

As you read more into this series you learn about friendship and what lengths you can go to save them and to save the world. Percy learns some hard lessons in all the books but one thing that kept me aspiring to read it was how he always knows what to do in his heart.

There are multiple morals and themes in this series including- good vs evil, friendship, knowledge can get you anywhere, and so many more. The way Rick Riordan writes is just mesmerizing to read, as he keeps you turning the page to see what happens next. But the thing that really made me love it was that Percy and Annabeth are just like us (mortals) well as much as they can be. As they all make mistakes and must deal with the consequences just like life. What I’m trying to get at is that Rick Riordan makes them human enough to be able to relate to them in some sense, meaning we can see and feel their emotions just like us.

Overall the Percy Jackson series is fantastic to read for any age and I highly recommend it.

This book series include-

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