Armchair Millionaire: BOOK REVIEW: It’s a Revolution!

BOOK REVIEW: It’s a Revolution!

Armchair Millionaire Larry P. recommends Charles Carlson’s new book, “The Individual Investor Revolution”, for anyone looking for simple, useful and down-to-earth investment ideas.


Carlson’s 10 Rules of Engagement


If You’re Not In The Game, Get In As Soon As Possible


If You’re In The Game, Stay In The Game


Keep Your Battle Plan Simple And Efficient


Play To Your Strengths (“You probably know more than you think when it comes to a particular company or industry group.

That’s an advantage….”)


Take What Your Opponent Gives You (Benefit from

corporate spinoffs and short-term thinking by Wall Street.)


Avoid Battles You Can’t Win (Such as futures, options, derivatives.)


Don’t Claim Your Victories Prematurely (“Don’t pull your flowers and water your weeds. Don’t sell your winners prematurely…”)


Have The Courage To Act On Your Conviction, But Don’t Confuse Conviction With Stubbornness (It’s okay to go against the herd mentality when picking stocks but don’t be too stubborn that you resist

selling sell a stock if you’ve made a mistake)


Engage On All Fronts, Foreign And Domestic (Consider buying foreign stocks — a list of foreign stocks trading in the U.S. is provided in the book.)


Develop Future Leaders of the Individual Investor Revolution (Children and young adults need wisdom on how to invest in the 21st century.)




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