BT 350 Digital Baby Monitor Lightshow

The BT Digital Baby Monitor 350 Lightshow gives you significant certainty when your baby is resting or sleeping gently.Perfectly clear HD sound and talk-back option

There are a large group of elements to help your little to rest and let you get on with some other things. Like all the other monitors from the BT’s production, the BT 350 BT 350 Digital Baby Monitor Lightshow

Lightshow has a perfectly clear HD sound and a talk-back feature. The two talk-back option permits you to control your child when you’re not in the room, while the Hi-definition Sound is sufficiently good enough to pick up the baby’s Light Show and Lullabies

An in-built light show illustrate fantastic pictures of stars and moons onto the roof. The delicate shapes help cool your child. The 18 implicit bedtime songs highlight traditional music and conventional nursery rhymes ” from Mozart to ‘Twinkle, twinkle’.Valuable Features

It has a tremendous range of up to 50m inside the house and 300m outside, so you can be certain to be in constant contact with your baby as you move around the house.Some other options can help you to mute the devices, set up the crying alert, locate the parent unit, out of battery power alert etc.BT QualityBT has a long history with baby screens. The past of the company shows that they have won almost all the awards from prestigious awards such as Mother & Baby Gold and others. BT has been the top rated advanced baby monitor mark consistently since 2010 (Source: NPD 2013). Additionally it is one of the best selling monitors on!Designed in the United Kingdom

The BT 350 Lightshow was designed in the UK. They worked with “genuine” mums and fathers all through the items in order to get the maximum quality of the product. If you wanted to purchase the product from the local designers BT baby monitor would be definitely the right choice for you.BT 350 baby monitor customer reviews:Outstanding capacity of the monitor at the long range through thick walls (we live in an old house and the screen could handle more than 2 thick walls and more than a yard!) Sound is very neat and clear and no batteries need to be supplied as both units are rechargeable. Appealing design and overall very well made. Breathing sensor keeps you alerted  so you don’t have to keep on sneaking into the baby’s room to check whether your little is up or not. The parent unit has survived being dropped normally by our child onto the wooden floor (along these lines!) Temp sensor as well. I had this product recommended  by a friend of mine and now I am recommending it to others. A very little issue I had is whether you leave the parent unit around a cell phone they do sometimes interrupt with each other. A bit pricey however for such a good baby monitor and the best I’ve experienced so far it is worth every penny.

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