How To Build Backlinks For Event Based Blog Easily

Link Building is the most advance technique of all the blogger’s. Not every blogger share this trick, but its real. If you have more organic backlinks the more you have Organic traffic from Google. If you have seen SEO articles you had noticed that every blogger talk about building backlinks.

Now the point is that if you have an Event Based Blog, than how you can create as many backlinks in minimum days. Behind building backlinks for an event blogs their is a simple logic or trick hidden.

Now the point comes that in event based blog you have to build backlinks with your main keyword with their alternative keywords. To get backlinks with you keyword you have to build anchor backlinks which is quite hard. Not every blog provides you Anchor text linking. And if any blog provides you anchor text backlinks, then they give you link-back as nofollow.

The point comes now that how you build keyword backlinks to your niche blog to rank it faster before an event. Below i am sharing some ways for building backlinks and to get you event blog ranked fast and easily under Google.

How To Get Backlinks For Event Based Niche Blog

  • Now their are few ways by which you can create backlinks easily and fastly. The ways i am discussing below.
  • Commenting on RESPONSE based sites. List of Response based sites, we will share as soon as possible. And if you don’t know how to create Response based comments. Then place comment below i will show you how to build backlinks for response sites.
  • Commenting on high pr dofollow blogs.
  • Linking your event blog on your different blogs. (Sitewide Linking).
  • Use Backlink checker tools and find others blog backlinks. (Use :
  • Commenting on “intense debate” using blogs. Mostly every Intense Debate users give do-follow backlinks. You can also use this method for long term blogs. But play it safely.
  • Use Backlink builder tools and find blogs. (Use :
  • Use Auto Approve commenting sites and build backlinks easily.

How To Get Anchor Text Backlinks With Your Keyword

Now if you are following our above method to build backlinks for your event based sites. You have to get anchor text backlinks. Many of them know about anchor text backlinks. But if you don’t know use below code to add your links in your comments.

<a href=”your-link” rel=”dofollow”>Your-keyword</a>

use above code and in place of your-link place your event blog url. And in place of your-keyword place your keywords.

Final Words

Now if you want to build a successful event blog and want to earn money in, then you should follow this guide. The steps are very easy. But you have to give some time on that steps. In this world no thing is impossible, every thing is possible. Follow above guide and build backlinks easily.

Note :

  • Don’t buy any backlink building service from any of sites.
  • And also don’t share your event blogs on social sites. If you want to share our blog on social sites, then must share it before a day of an event blog.

Hope you understand all things clearly. Now i hope you can build your event blog successfully. Happy Blogging 🙂

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