8 Essentials to Building a Website People Want to Visit

building a website

Statistics say there are 1,107,858,321 websites on the internet and growing. As people are more regularly exposed to websites, they develop a discerning eye for quality, good design, and credibility.79% of all viewers will scan websites before diving into content, so it’s important to get it right.

  1. Get Straight to the Point
    Immediately communicate who you are and what you’re offering. Almost instantly, your viewers will make conclusions about your credibility based on your design. Next, they will judge your content and if you’ve done a good job, they’ll convert and click through to the rest of your site.
  1. High-Quality Images
    If your design calls for photography, you’ll need high-quality and eye-catching images. Always keep the elements of your design in mind as you place your photographs into your layout. They will be a strong factor in pulling your viewer’s eyes across the page.high quality images website


  1. Video
    Photos are more engaging than text, but video rules all. Video is a great tool for capturing attention. Our brains are hardwired to focus on movement and determine what’s happening. Incorporate high-quality videos right on your homepage and you’ll immediately grab attention.
  1. Use Design Elements Effectively
    Web design is perhaps the most important part of building a site that people will want to visit. It forms the first impression, helping your visitor determine if they want to stick around and click through.Some of the most important website design elements are:
  • Layout – Your layout should consider balance, how it moves the eyes across the screen, and highlight important or beautiful elements.using good layout elements


  • Negative space – Negative space is a formidable tool in web design — wield it well! Consider having an element stand alone or using the rule of thirds within your white space (a powerful combination).
  • Fonts – Clear, easy to read fonts outperform script or trendy fonts every time.
  • Colors – In web design, colors have meaning. Make sure you use colors that are great for the purpose of your website.Graphic design software like CorelDraw Graphics Suite allows you put all of these aspects into your own template, so you can visualize the outcome.
  1. FormattingSince most viewers will only scan your website, it is important that you use standard formatting elements to guide them through. Here’s a list to consider:
  • headlines
  • sub-headings
  • bulleted lists
  • highlighted keywords
  • hyperlinks
  • inverted pyramid writing style (or starting with your conclusion first). These cleverly formatted words might be the only content they read.
  1. Quality ContentOnce your viewer moves into your design and skims your formatting, they will begin reading through your content. Here’s what makes content great:
  1. FunctionalityAfter you’ve pulled in your user with good design, make sure you keep them with smooth transitions and functionality. Nothing will make a user click away faster than messy functions.For example, the menu should be easy to navigate, logical, and collapse for neatness.functionality easy navigation


  1. Optimized for Multiple DevicesIt’s crucial that your website looks great and offers full functionality across devices. Personally check your website across many platforms to ensure it remains intact.optimization for mobile




Today’s graphics software has made design easier than ever. There are hundreds of sites that inspire ideas and tutorials to guide you through new territories. Keep all of these concepts in mind when designing your site to reach through the noise and draw your viewer in.

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