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The Bushnell Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder

is the ultimate rangefinder and golf course tool. It combines Bushnell’s world-class laser technology and detailed, pre-loaded GPS information. Golfers can experience accuracy with one yard and have the ability to magnify the distance up to five times on the front, center and back of the green. Aim shots with accuracy and never worry about membership fees with the Bushnell Hybrid Laser Rangefinder.

This rangefinder rests in your hand with an ergonomic precision that builds confidence and pride while setting a new standard for distance measurements. Powered with a 3-Volt Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Features an automatic course recognition function and automatic hole advance.


Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS Rangefinder Reviews:

Had another Bushnell range finder prior to this one. Got this right before Christmas and just used it for the first time. Worked like a charm. Much lighter and smaller than my prior one, and it was great to have the front and back of green yardages. At the end of my 18 hole round, the battery indicator was still indicating a full battery. Don’t know how many rounds it will last, but absolutely no problem with 1 complete round.

You get the best of both worlds (GPS and Laser) in this hybrid. I use both types today depending on where I am playing. On my own course I only use my laser, but when I go to other courses I like to have a GPS to help me with the things I can’t see. That won’t be necessary ever again because of Bushnell. My use today showed it to be accurate, simple to use, and very compact given what is packed in the unit. Battery life seems extraordinary given all it is doing. Of course at this price it should be extraordinary across the board.

Purchased based on seeing it work on the golf course. Wasn’t sure I would need the GPS feature, but when using it on a day with fog or sea smoke restricting visibility, the GPS feature gives you yardage to center of the green. On clear days, the laser picks out the flag pole easily and provides precise yardage. Easy to use and highly recommended.

This range finder is the best. It is compact and very easy to use. This replaced another distance finder that did not have both features. After using for a month, I am absolutely thrilled with this product

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