Acer announces C110 and K330 portable projectors in India


acer c110

Acer India announced two DLP pico chipset based portable projectors, a pocket sized C110 and the first LED pico projector K330. C110 is a cheap one yet bundles itself with some unique features. This tiny projector weighs just about 175 g and can easily be carried along in pocket. It has just one input, and that’s a USB 2.0 port through which you can connect it to a notebook or tablet (Windows/Android tabs). It doesn’t have any kind of power adapter to plug in, as it consumes power from the connected device via USB cable – power consumption is 7.5 watts at maximum settings. Nice? Well there’s more to tell – 24bit color reproduction, 50 lumens brightness, native WVGA resolution, 16:9 native aspect ratio, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 20k hours LED lamp life. The only downside we can find is that C110 doesn’t support Mac and Linux. When asked about this, we were told that C110 is based on market environment and consumer demands – Windows leads that for sure and so it’s supported by C110 through a proprietary Windows app. But is it hard to develop same app for Mac or Linux?

acer k330 1

acer k330 2

K330 wears the crown for being the first LED pico projector. It’s small in size yet features tons of goodness. It runs at WXGA resolution with 4000:1 contrast ratio and the LED lamp produces 500 lumens brightness. It’s got a number of input options – HDMI, VGA, composite, AV, miniUSB port, SD card slot and a USB port. Interestingly, you can plug in a USB flash drive or an SD card and project supported files like MS Office docs and multimedia files.

Both projectors will be available on retail shelves by 7 days from now, C110 will cost Rs. 15,000 and K330 will cost Rs. 54,000. Hit the press release below the C110 video for more info.

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