What are the Career Options for Mechanical Engineering Graduates?

Career Options for Mechanical Engineering Graduates

Considered as one of the broadest and oldest engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering has so much to offer to those who want to have options with their careers. Needless to say, mechanical engineers can work in many types of industries starting from general management to jobs that relate to their specific specializations.

And because mechanical engineers master the principles of physics, mechanics and understand the specifications of materials while they can also design and manufacture devices and machines, they can significantly brought industry and technology together and that makes them viable employees for many types of businesses.

On the other hand, the potential careers of mechanical engineering graduates depend on their skills, experience, flexibilities, individualities and ability to work in teams. And with what they got, they can be on the advantaged level as they can adapt with the changes even so abrupt.

Mechanical engineering graduates have many various tasks they can do to serve their employers. They can do research and development, design machines, equipment and gadgets, test new products and improve the old ones. So with the degree in mechanical engineering your career choice can really be vast.

Essentially, we have known few professional mechanical engineers who are working on different professions. Most of them are employed in various areas with various positions such as the following:

Common Career Positions of Mechanical Engineers

career options for mechanical engineering graduates

Career Positions of Mechanical Engineers

So based from the various positions the mechanical engineers can handle they can work in many fields which include manufacturing, production, maintenance, selling, administration, monitoring, trouble-shooting and management.

The Playing Areas of Mechanical Engineers

Since analysis, designs and synthesis are main roles of mechanical engineers, there are many areas which they can be able to use their learned skills and knowledge so their degrees in mechanical engineering do provide their excellent foundation to excel in many employment areas. Here are the diverse fields where they can get involved with.

Areas Where Mechanical Engineering Graduates Could Base Their Careers

    • Machine Manufacturing
      Mechanical engineers are good with designing and building machines for use in the industrial and consumer industry. In any machine you find in any industry this has an involvement of the mechanical engineers from its development up to its production. They can design HVAC for homes and offices, automated machineries for industrial plants and refrigeration systems for the food industry. They are also experts in designing heat exchanges and modern mechanical and electronic equipment that uses software for operation.
    • Energy Conversion
      Mechanical engineers in petroleum industry are common because large machines for drilling, piping, processing to transport of raw and processed products are used. Not only that, because the world is ever dependent on energy source, mechanical engineers are needed in designing and in the operation of hydroelectric, fossil fuel, nuclear, and gas powered plants. Mechanical engineers also help in the design and development of internal combustion engines that are for automobiles, ships, airplanes and electrical power generation plants.
    • Resourcing Energy Sources
      Not only that mechanical engineers are experts in designing and developing equipment used in digging and processing crude oil into more usable form of energy, they are also the best in locating and developing plants for alternative sources of energy like solar, geothermal and wind energy source. They also help in the design of the turbines and giant motors to process the harvested natural energy and turn it into usable energy like electricity.
    • Technology and Engineering Department
      Mechanical engineers can use their skills in coming up with inventions that can help us easen up our jobs and get things done faster. From the small inventions of remote-controlled cars to the manufacture of space jets, the mechanical engineers have always provide their large contributions. They are also up to date with computers and software which they use in their design and creation of new products.
    • Environment & Transportation
      Since transportation has greatly evolved from decades ago, mechanical engineers have been instrumental in innovating the design of vehicles with the use of cutting edge technology. So from the sourcing of crude oil up to its conversion into fuel oil, they are also doing their tasks for our advantage by creating vehicle engines that are fuel efficient and environment-friendly.
    • Manufacturing Industries
      Within our manufacturing industries, mechanical engineers also design products, choose the materials and plan the production processes. They also create machines for factories to function in automation. Mechanical engineers also innovate or redesign equipment when necessary. They can improvise or add other tools to speed up production and transportation of goods. Manufacturing is where the mechanical engineers are mostly needed.
    • Materials and Structures Fabrication
      As such, before the mechanical engineers must design products they must also consider the materials needed for it. They know which materials among plastic, metal, ceramics or other composite materials can be best for the equipment they make. When everything is set up and operational, they test, analyze and check the structural integrity of the gears, pipeline welds, sections and drive-train elements for structural integrity and make analysis for any signs of mechanical wear. To do these, they use tools such as X-ray machines, magnetic particle equipment, ultrasound and other apparatus in examining the internal condition of machines just to ensure reliability and safety.
    • Systems and Design Department
      Mechanical engineers who would like to take their careers in the design and control of mechanical, electromechanical and fluid power systems would likely get involved with different kinds of technical specialties. There are the Computer Coordinated Mechanisms, Robotic System Design, Computer-Aided Engineering, Design Optimization, Geometric Design, and a lot more. During the course of their design work they consider many factors which include the safety standards of the products, serviceability, durability, reliability, performance, cost, recyclability and possible impact on the environment.

Generally, these are the career options for mechanical engineering graduates considering that they have all the potentials to be flexible with their skills. So if you are excellent in mathematics, science and physics and wants to have a career that is versatile, very much employable and provide a high pay, mechanical engineering degree should be your best college course option.

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