Orphea Studio: Digital Assets Management DAM software

Partial Client


JPI Studios is the first American client to use Orphea. This

celebrity photo agency in Hollywood, CA specialises in Soap

opera shoots (on-stage, as well as celebrity portraits), and

celebrity events. Revenues increased by 50% six months after


This news stock agency created by Marcel Saba has begun to

directly archive its images with Orphea. Redux is located

in New York City.

News photography database published on an extranet for clients,

agents and worldwide subsidiaries (more than 100,000 images).

Indexing via IPTC. Automatic transmission of photographs for

cataloging. Replicated database. Automatic management of accounts

and restricted user access according to user-groups and images

via Orphea Web Server. Automatic, real-time update of IPTC

fields from an existing IBM AS/400 system.

Database publishing via extranet of over 700,000 images. Input/Output

photo management. Complete photo management and cataloging


Set-up and installation of an image bank published on the

Internet. Personalisation of two web interfaces (press, illustration).

150,000 photos available.

Orphea Studio is at the heart of the group’s publishing system

for their “Télé-Loisirs” weekly publication.

It handles all images, from current daily production requests

to archiving. The database stores over 100,000 images.

Set up of a database pictures and pages of the magazine in

Adobe PDF format.

Orphea Studio 3 is used to store, amongst other digital media

documents, a database of all video, TV, and movie advertising

clips produced by all advertising agencies, monitored by SECODIP.

Intranet access.

Set-up and installation of a multimedia document management/archiving

solution. Intranet access to the database. The database will

contain national and international advertising films (video),

radio spots (sound), as well as press and display visuals


Digital multimedia management system for a wide range of media

documents. These include TV extracts, video clips, credit

titles, pictures, printed documents for all films, and TV

series sold worldwide.

Specialized in archived stock photography, this internationally-known

agency has chosen Orphea Studio 3 for the management of its

catalogue of 1,000,000 images and has used it to publish online,

so far, over 35,000 images.

Set-up of a photographic library and future publication on

the Internet.

Set-up and installation of an image-bank which is accessible

via intranet.

Set-up of a photographic library, management of the customers

and copyrights.

ASP formula: rental of the Orphea solution as well as hosting

of the agency’s photographic library. Approximately 15,000

photos from press and publishing agencies in France, Germany

and the United States.

Splashnews is a famous stock agency located in Los Angeles.

Their digital archive is growing every day by thousands of

new images.

X17agency, specializing in candid shots, waited for Orphea’s

availability in the US before creating their first web site

and offering their archive online.

Council of Europe’s new multimedia portal [23/06/03 16:00:00]

On Monday 23 June, the Council of Europe launched a new multimedia

portal on its Internet site built with Orphea Technology.

This new facility can be accessed via the Organisation’s general

site and will offer journalists, media organisations and other

media professionals a whole range of photographic, audio and

video resources illustrating the Council’s history and day-to-day


Image database managed and shared by the Public Relations,

Library-Archives and Architecture Departments. Validation

of official photos by the Office of the President of the Senate.

Intranet access.

We set up a digital photo library with Intranet Access highlighting

all important events for the Assembly’s press service (public


The Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec (Quebec’s national library)

has chosen Orphea for the archiving of their digital library.

This giant system regroups all of Quebec’s libraries.

Multimedia library containing the cultural heritage of the

region (historical images and movies). Access mainly for professionals;

however, a few selected documents can be viewed by the general

public on the Internet.

Set-up and installation of a photo library for the events-related

Communications department. Input/Output photo management.

(Module Orphea BM/3)

Recovery of the old text data and images from the existing

image bank. The photographic library, which is geared towards

both customers and international research and documentation

sites, is published via extranet.

Set-up of an image bank, accessible via extranet.

Set-up of a photographic library for the Prison Authorities.

Accessible via intranet.

Set-up image bank. Intranet access by the agencies of the

communication in charge of the realisation of the different

toy catalogues.

Digital multimedia management system for a wide range of media

documents. These include pictures, printed documents, movies,

library items, etc.

Centralisation of all images provided from the different departments.

Intranet access to the database.

Product catalogue database using the Orphea Product Management

module (composite documents). Intranet access to the image


Groupe Editor, the leading French postcard producer, chooses

Orphea to manage and archive the postcards in Adobe PDF format,

and to automate printing.

Project to sell works of art online coming from European museums.

Automated management of orders, delivery and invoicing.

New photography database published on an extranet for clients,

agents and wordwilde subsidiaries.

New photography database published on an extranet for


Multimedia database included in the BNQ Portal.

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