Advanced Material Science machines and distributes thermal and electrical insulation materials to the world’s most demanding industries.


Cogetherm is an excellent electrical and heat insulator with good mechanical properties. It is inert to most chemical agents including solvents, acids, bases and mineral oils. It is used as thermal/electrical insulation in induction and arc furnaces, in forging presses, in the glass industry and anywhere a high temperature electrical insulator is needed.

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Maximum operating temperature

– continuous

– peak

Water absorption

Resistance to bending

Tensile strength

Dielectric strength

– 68ºF

– 68ºF after 1 hour at 752ºF

– 68ºF after 1 hour at 1112ºF

Volume resistivity

– 68ºF

hot, at 752ºF

hot, at 932ºF

Arc resistance

Thermal conductivity

– perpendicular to plane of plate

– along plane of plate

Flame resistance UL 94

130 pcf

932ºF (500ºC)

1292ºF (700ºC)

<0.1% 29,000 psi 17,400 psi 625 V/mil 325 V/mil 250 V/mil > 10^16 ohm-cm

> 10^12 ohm-cm

> 10^9 ohm-cm


173 BTU/hr,ftºF

173 BTU/hr,ftºF

94 V-O

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