Coldfusion and Coda – Adding contextual menu scripts

I love Coda, while not a heavy duty coding app with all the “serious” tools, it is just right.. it just is. But one itsy bitsy teeny weenie thing has always driven me nuts and that is I always want too click a block of code and right-click and wrap it with cf comments, same thing with cssedit UGGGGGGGGGG it drives me nuts!!!!!!

Yesterday I downloaded a few of the Coda scripts that are out there after accidently finding the coda scripts folder and looked at a few to she what the deal was and it is just applescripts so I so I found a few close enough and hacked them up and made a simple one that just raps my block of code with a comment tag and the world is peaceful again.

You can find some default ones to look at and go off of here: /Users/you/Library/Scripts/Applications/Coda

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