Concierge Domain Names Service

A domain name is the that is the sole identity for your company on the web. You usually register these through a registrar, a company specially authorized to sell these “domain names” to you.

Most domain registrars put you through the hassle and extra work of researching which name you want to use, setting it up, managing the website, and registering the actual name. A process that can quickly add up and become quite complicated.

Another complexity faced when dealing with most major domain registrars is a lack of customer support.  If the domain host you found online is noticeably cheaper than all the others, there’s a reason! Don’t risk creating your website, your business’s main identity in the online world, without having proper guidance.

ANEVRY solves these problems with their two domain name services. An easy to use, do-it-yourself registration service, and our “Concierge” service. Their prices for all domain names are industry low, but at no additional cost they”ll research and handle the entire registration process for you! You pay the same price either way, but have the security and support of ANEVRY to provide the expertise you need in murky territory.

Recent Feedback

“ANEVRY is an exceptionally innovative computer business. They are extremely professional and deliver excellent services from start to finish.”

-Dr. Paul Sandman

“ANEVRY always actively listens and showcases honest interest in helping my business succeed. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

-Michael Toomey,

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