Cool Tricks with google OR google gravity fun trick

Some cool Google Tricks and secrets:-
Trick :- In your web browser’s address bar type, and hit enter it will take you to
Logic :- The number “466453” spells “Google” on a phone keypad.
Secret :- In Google type,” answer to life, the universe and everything  ” without “” and hit enter.
Result :- answer to life, the universe and everything = 42
Play Pacman :- Go to google and in  your web browser address bar after ‘’ type, /pacman/ and hit enter or goto   to play Pacman.
How to play:- Click on ‘insert coin’ to start , Selecting ‘insert coin’ a second time will add a second player as Ms. Pacman.
Google gravity is a fun trick which makes google free …like all the things starts floating watch the video. Now lets take a look at step by step procedure
go to
type ” google gravity ” without “”
click on “i’m feeling lucky” instead of normal search
and watch google floating all the way.For top 10 i’m feeling lucky tricks click here

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