How to Create and Promote Awesome Squeeze Pages That Convert

There are several programs and plugins available to make great squeeze pages ,but before you create your first squeeze page it is important to understand the psychology behind squeeze pages, why use one (or several) and best way to promote them.
If you are marketing anything online, your subscriber list should be considered the most valuable part of your marketing campaign. If you have been around internet marketing for anytime at all, I am certain that you have heard “The money is in the list”, maybe too many times but the truth is.. it is the truth.squueze page that converts

Using squeeze pages is by far one of the easiest ways to start capturing prospects names and emails that are interested in what you have to offer. And now, more than ever, there are some pretty darn cool squeeze page creation tools that will allow yours to stand out from the crowd.

What is a Squeeze Page?

Squeeze pages, also known as a capture page, is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information such as an email, name, telephone number, geographic information or really, any other data you would like to collect from a potential customer.

The idea however is to keep it short and simple. Normally only a First Name and E-mail is all you should ask for. In following emails you can start asking for and collecting more data.

A squeeze page should have no other exit point other than entering that information and clicking the call to action.

What Makes a Great Squeeze Page?

A great squeeze pages will have a strong call to action, typically sharing a success story that your prospect will relate to. A quality squeeze page with also use color psychology as well as video and/or audio that will encourage the prospect to want to learn more, thus encouraging them to enter their name and E-mail to learn more.

A good way to do this is offering something of interest & value in return for the prospect entering their name and E-mail. Once the customer clicks the “submit” button, their information is then stored in your data base and using an autoresponder you would instantly deliver the promised information.

How to Promote a Squeeze Page.

In 2011, on two occasions, Google updated their algorithms to lower rank and sometimes even exclude Squeeze Pages from their search results due to lack of content, thus they are not very well indexed by Google or other Search Engines. Because of this, having a good plan in place to promote your squeeze page is very important for maximum effect.

Ideas to Promote your Squeeze Page;

Write an article that is relative to your squeeze page subject, then have a link (call to action) within your article that goes to your squeeze page.

Create a video about the topic of your squeeze page and upload it to YouTube. Be sure that in the description that the link to your squeeze page is the first thing listed BEFORE the description. Use to shorten the link if you have a long link.

Use Social Media sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to promote the link to either your Article, Video, Squeeze page and/or all of them.

How to Create a Squeeze Page

Creating a squeeze page is not that difficult with all the squeeze page creator tools that are available online. There are several blog themes that incorporate squeeze page templates and one of my favorites is FlexSqueeze.

However, no matter what WordPress blog you have, there are several plugins available, but it is my experience that it is worth spending a couple of dollars for a premium plugin. There are several awesome plugins for less that $20 that are extremely effective and easy to create.

Our Recommended Premium Squeeze Pages for Less than $20.00!

Magic Video Squeeze Page – This is one of my favorites by far. It comes with 15 different templates, easily add images and edit the text.

EZ Lead Squeeze Page – The Most Powerful Lead Capture & Autoresponder WordPress Squeeze Page Plugin for Any Sales Pro.

Ever Green Capture Page – Make your very own Professional Lead Capture Pages! This plugin gives you several different templates to choose from, and allows you to customize your page. Change the background colors change the font, add images to the background, add videos.

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