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Full of stories, but the game Crystal of Re: union seems quite exciting to play, especially for those of you who like fantasy life, explore and study their lives. This one game has offered a story journey that is quite long and quite interesting.

Royal life, gods and monsters are interconnected in this game so they can meet each other. Extraordinary supernatural powers come from the outside world so that they infect the inhabitants on Earth so that they become strong soldiers. But your role in this game is as a king who leads everything.

Although it is full of stories, this  has a strategy game concept where each player has the duty to organize and make the strongest combat forces attack the territorial area of ​​the opponent. The higher the level of the building, the stronger the defense of your headquarters is, so it is difficult to destroy.

Not only that, when the level of the building in the Crystal of Reunion game is raised, you will also get something new, more interesting and have extraordinary power. Form your best fighting force and defeat all enemies encountered, seize their assets to raise the level of buildings and defenses from our own base.

In this game, one player with another in the whole world can be connected to each other so that you can interact with them, make friends and learn how to play well from their old players. In addition, you can also test each other’s skills by doing dueling against each other to find out which ones need to be addressed and need to be improved again.

For those of you who might be curious about this Crystal of Reunion game , users can get it on the Google Play Store with a size of only 54 MB, whereas in the App Store  mobile users can get this game with a file size of 198.9 MB.


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