Delete or Change your iCloud Account without losing important data

One of the biggest problems which can occur when you sync cloud accounts, regardless whether it is done from iCloud, Dropbox or different platform, is the fact  that everytime when you change or remove account, there is small chance that you may end up losing important data.

And even if data loss does not occur, there is still chance that some of it may get merged with other data and the end result of it may be that you will never get it back to the state it was before.


Many people have complained about problems related with their iCloud accounts, most notably when they were doing synchronization of several accounts between their iOS devices and Mac computers. In this post we will try to explain how to change your iCloud account and why during synchronization, data merging and data loss occurs. Hopefully you will understand how to deal with this issue afterwards.

First of all, you should know that modifying iCloud account is a straightforward process. It only takes two things, you need to remove the old iCloud account from the device you use it and then you need to log in with a new iCloud account. Even though this sounds so simple, from time to time problems occur. And those problems have nothing to do with data loss. When you change your iCloud account you do not have to worry that you will use your iPhone or iPad data. That never happens because the data is stored safely on the iCloud account. The problem happens when you cannot change your iCloud account because the device is iCloud locked. And in a situation like this you must bypass iCloud Activation lock to safely unlock and use your device.

The problem happens with data merging is that when accounts are being synchronized, some of the data may be retained in the old iCloud account and when you add a new account some of the data may be transferred there. So this means that the synchronization may lead to a state of confusion and eventually may result with permanent data loss.


  • Open your iPhone Settings and tap on iCloud
  • Go to the bottom of the page and select “Delete Account”
  • If you wish to keep your data on the iPhone, choose “Keep on my iPhone”
  • If you do not want to keep data on your iPhone select “Delete from my iPhone” (by selecting this option all the data will be deleted from your iPhone but not from the iCloud account)
  • Return to Settings and go to iCloud again. Select add a new iCloud account. Now it is up to you to decide whether you want to merge the iCloud data with some enabled services like Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders etc.
  • Once the merge is finished, the old data which was kept on your iPhone will be synchronized with the new iCloud account that was added

The instructions above are everything you need to know in order to safely add a new iCloud account without losing or merging some important data. In this way you should be able to prevent photo syncs, notifications and other things that were configured on different devices from using your old iCloud account.

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