Determining which web elements are most correlated with organic local search rankings will allow you to maximize your dental practice’s online exposure at no cost AND convert up to 8x what traditional paid advertisements yield. To find out more about these specific web elements, take at the sections below for learning how to perform dental internet marketing.

Dental Internet Marketing

Below is the a-typical layout for a local dental query. Listed first are paid ads

Dental Internet Marketing

Paid Advertisements

This form of search marketing has it’s own set of rules and strategies. Most local business owners decide to start with PPC, however this can lead to massive advertising waste IF you don’t already have a strong web presence and up-to-date social proof in place.

Local Search

Beneath the search ads you’ll find Google’s Local Stack (see image below). This compact, rating & review driven showcase displays the local businesses relevant to what your patients search for.

As you may have guessed, this section of the SERP (search engine results page) also has its own set of rules. These rules have been termed local SEO.  This newer form of search engine optimization (SEO) has led to incredible growth for local businesses.


According to Jupiter Research, a Forrester Research company, 81% of internet users find their desired destination through a search engine. And while we could throw another statistic at you about the number of people using the internet today, a quick look at your own daily information needs should answer this.

Local Search: Ranking Specs

So, exactly how many attributes are taken into account by a search engine?

This is where things become a bit tricky. Fundamentally there exist a handful of simple attributes that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any decent search engine will take into account when determining what a SERP displays first. These things include…

  • Online Directories
  • Page-Level Link Metrics
  • Page-Level Keyword and Content-Based Metrics
  • Page-Level Social Metrics
  • Domain Level Keywords

And while major search engines do release search guidelines and updates to the public, many of the technical specifics driving this massive ranking system are left unknown. For example:

  • How attributes are used
  • The weight each holds
  • Attributes’ interrelated correlations
  • And most significantly, WHY

This shared curiosity of “why” brings together data scientist and marketing professionals from around the world and drives massive data partnerships, all in an effort to produce a “guesstimate” of how these search engines really work.

To respond to the unanswered question of “how many search factors exist?”, web expert Moz estimates over 170. This may seem excessive or unmanageable, but in reality these factors are aggregated and categorized to form a set of tangible web-values that any online marketer can handle. In the end, these values embody the necessary steps to produce a profitable rank for any local business online.

Where to start

Local businesses are always being told different ways to ‘join the web.’ For any 1 problem on the web, you’ll typically find 4-5 possible solutions being offered by 20+ companies.

So how do you know which is right for your dental practice?

Well, how about leveraging something your dental practice already has: a reputation.

Google (along with every major search engine) has recently revamped their search environment to better suit local markets. Fortunately, this new environment evaluates “rank weight” through a proven brick-and-mortar marketing principle: word of mouth.

For the web, this means online ratings and reviews. Ratings and reviews are the best place to start out when taking your dental practice online. (or any local business for that matter)

Why?  If you create a strong web presence through:

  • Grade A Ratings
  • Authentic Reviews
  • A Strong, Consistent Directory Presence

You can’t lose. Not only will you not lose,  your dental practice will have a solid foundation for executing ANY online marketing strategy: PPC, SEO, SMM

Dentist’s Guide to Local Dental Internet Marketing

Today more people than ever are searching for local related information. From movie features, to restaurant times, to reviews of local dentists, our lives have become dependent on the quick and simple local information we can pull out of the web how ingrained search is to our daily lives.

Search engines (hyperlink search engine basics article) have always listed results as follows:

Google Page 1

3-4 Ads top

Organic (seo) results below

Google Page 2

Organic (seo) results

While this structure still remains in tact, the results focus has shifted.

Why so?

As the smartphone market began to explode, so too did the need for “on-the-go” information. This massive increase in search volume points toward an increasing need for local info.

How is this different from search 5 years ago?

According to Google:

  • 50 percent of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone will visit the store within a single day.
  • 34 percent who search on computer/tablet also visited within 24 hours.

Meaning: your dentist practice’s rank in a local “dental” search will have a direct impact your business.

Google (along with every major data organizer) recognized this prevalent need and decided to implement a new, localized element into their search environment. This new local element is known as the “local stack.” Below is a picture of this local stack, something you may have seen yourself when searching for a local restaurant.

So, how is this different from what previously existed?

Aside from the new look, there are actually several major factors that have come into play for the local stack’s ranking system. Courtesy of, below is a brief description of each local ranking factor, as well as pie chart outlining the avg. weights each factor holds.

Dental Internet Marketing

Moral of the story: offering people the easiest way to discover and ultimately evaluate your business through social proof is the first step to getting the most out of local search. (or any search engine for that matter) If your online business strategies take into account the items listed above, your business’s organic growth will never be the same.

Top Dental Keywords

As a dental practice owner, it’s important to know what patients are looking for online. The following insights (if used correctly) should allow you to market your practice efficiently, while exposing opportunities in the keyword marketplace.

What are Keywords?

A keyword is a term or phrase someone types into a search engine (ie. Google) when they have a question, interest, or general information need. These keywords are evaluated on a number of levels, two key factors being the keyword length (how many letters are in the search query) and the number of monthly searches.

Typically, these metrics are inversely related, meaning the longer a search term is (known as a long-tail keyword), the less monthly search volume it produces. It’s a good idea to include this type of long-tail keyword IF it’s relevant to your dental practice. But keep in mind, the more your keyword profile favors long-tail keywords, the less marketable your web properties becomes.

Keyword Strategy

The ideal keyword profile favors neither long-tail or short-tail keywords, but rather finds mid-length keywords with a decent monthly search volume. Why not just go for the highest searched keywords? Every keyword you decide to use places you in direct competition with other websites using these same keywords. The shorter the keyword, the more competition, which in turn greatly limits your chances of ever placing within the top 5 search results.

Provided below is a list of the most popular dental terms and phrases that trigger local searches within Google. You can easily append your city to any of these keywords or key-phrases within Google (or any search engine) and see where your competitors are ranking. (ex. Your City + “Keyword” ) Finding strong search terms with little competition is the  best place to invest in initially.

Keyword Monthly                     Local Search Volume

dentist                                         9,140,000

dentists                                       2,240,000

dental implants                           1,220,000

the dentist                                     550,000

cosmetic dentist                            301,000

dental implant                               246,000

cosmetic dentists                          110,000

cost dental implants                      110,000

find dentist                                     110,000

find a dentist                                    90,500

dentist office                                    90,500

implant dentist                                 74,000

dental implant surgery                     74,000

dental implants costs                       60,500

best dentist                                      60,500

dental dentist                                   49,500

dentist implants                               49,500

general dentist                                49,500

best dentists                                    40,500

dentist teeth                                    40,500

dentist reviews                                40,500

kids dentist                                      33,100

mini dental implants                        33,100

top dentists                                     33,100

sedation dentist                               27,100

cost of dental implants                    27,100

my dentist                                        27,100

dental implants dentures                 22,200

cheap dental implants                     22,200

dentist whitening                             22,200

children dentist                                22,200

dentist tooth                                     22,200

dental implants procedure               22,200

dental implants information             22,200

affordable dental implants                22,200

dentist offices                                   22,200

childrens dentist                               18,100

dentist review                                   18,100

teeth whitening dentist                     14,800

smile dentist                                     12,100

dental implant cost                           12,100

dentist cost                                       12,100

children’s dentist                              12,100

dentist search                                  12,100

local dentist                                        9,900

top dentist                                          9,900

invisalign dentist                                8,100

tmj dentist                                          8,100

dentist clinic                                       6,600

dentist crown                                     6,600

braces dentist                                    6,600

dentist dmd                                       6,600

dentists reviews                                6,600

sedation dentists                               5,400

dental implant center                         5,400

female dentist                                    5,400

dentist veneers                                  4,400

dentures dentist                                 4,400

Most Searched Orthodontic Keywords

Keyword                                               Local Search Volume

Dentist                                                           9,140,000

Orthodontics                                                  1,000,000

Orthodontist                                                      673,000

orthodontic                                                        368,000

Invisalign                                                           301,000

Pediatric dentist                                                301,000

Dentofacial orthopedics                                    246,000

Orthodontists                                                    201,000

Pediatric dentistry                                             110,000

Pediatric Dental                                                  40,500

Clear braces                                                       33,100

Dental braces                                                     33,100

Clear retainer                                                     27,100

Clear retainers                                                   27,100

Invisilign                                                             27,100

before and after braces                                     22,200

braces before after                                            22,200

braces colors                                                     22,200

braces for teeth                                                 22,200

braces invisalign                                               22,200

cost of braces                                                   22,200

find orthodontist                                                22,200

orthodontic retainers                                         22,200

invisible braces                                                 18,100

straight teeth                                                     18,100

dental orthodontists                                          14,800

adult braces                                                      12,100

braces color                                                      12,100

braces for adults                                               12,100

braces on teeth                                                 12,100

kids braces                                                        12,100

lingual braces                                                    12,100

invisalign before and after                                   9,900

invisaline                                                              9,900

invisiline                                                               9,900

How To Increase The Visibility Of Your Dental Practice By Up To 1,400%

Social & Professional Networks

User driven networks are prime real estate in the marketing world. Why? People are frequenting their social and professional networks as much if not more than search engines. They’re also free, and highly lucrative ways to advertise socially.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Google+
  3. Facebook Business
  4. Twitter
  5. Quora

Map Directories

Map directories are fairly self-explanatory, but offer yet another web avenue for people to find your business. Map directories typically won’t incorporate review or rating systems, but offer highly useful search functionality for its users:

  1. Foursquare
  2. GetFave
  3. Navteq GPS
  4. TeleAtlas

Directory Resources

These are resources you may find useful for developing and optimizing your directory listing content.

  1. Available Business Categories
  2. Dental Niche Directory

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