Similarities and Difference Between WordPress and Magento

difference between wordpress and magento

Webmasters eye building slick and chrome websites that do not skimp on features. A wholesome website that addresses every business requirement of theirs and appeals to their target audience in a great measure and effect is always a pre-requisite. And for the same, the business owners happily rely on content management systems. Here we would like to highlight the similarities and difference between WordPress and Magento.

Unarguably, the two content management systems that almost instantly come to mind when it comes to building a fully featured business website are Magento and WordPress. The question arises, should I use Magento or WordPress? Each of these CMS platforms offers several advantages over the other. So, let’s get to the point right away:

How Do Magento and WordPress Compare

difference between wordpress and magento
  • The Similarities

Let’s begin the comparison by highlighting few similarities between the two. Both, Magento and WordPress, are open source technologies that can be acquired for free. You can use them to start your own personal blog.

What takes both of these platforms above and beyond the platforms of the same genre is the fact that they are highly customizable and offer you a sea of options when you are looking to integrate new-fangled features with your website. There is no complexity or hassle involved since you have a suite of themes and plugins and extensions to choose from with either CMS.

  • The Differences

Magento and WordPress happen to be different in a lot of ways, and that is where the decision to go with either of them can be made. To begin with, not everyone can set up a Magento CMS website. On the contrary, setting up a WordPress website can be a cake. And we are not talking about creating a WP site with the most basic features.

WordPress instead can help even those with minimal technical knowledge in web development to construct a website that boasts of some seriously dynamic features. And it all boils down to choosing the right theme, and following it with the correct set of WP plugins that are only growing in number by the hour.

Magento website on the other hand cannot be accomplished by a non developer since it involves a comparatively more complicated process that only those aware of the nitty-gritty can carry out.

This also leads to cheaper WordPress site development since webmasters don’t have to hire a professional developer to get their website developed. At the same time, customization on Magento also needs a prior knowledge as opposed to customization in WordPress. The complexity spills on to the maintenance of the websites.

Magento websites require constant maintenance as you can’t get complacent. WordPress on the other hand don’t need to be maintained with such an urgency. Updating a WordPress website is a matter of just hitting the update button and the process is accomplished in just a few seconds.

For e-Commerce, Magento Manages to Trump Over WordPress

For all intents and purposes, WordPress is a matchless content management system that can power you to create websites of all genres. Whether you wish to create a website around poetry or movie reviews, or you are eyeing creating a business website that advertises your services, WordPress proves to be the perfect launchpad. WordPress also facilitates developing feature rich eCommerce websites.

However, when you compare it with Magento pertaining to eCommerce website development, WordPress falls well short of the mark set by Magento. For undeniable reasons, Magento is the best platform for hosting and building eCommerce websites.

The Magento architecture has been custom built to handle products and services and when you build your online store using the Magento CMS, you can leverage its unrivaled power and eCommerce-specific functionalities that WordPress doesn’t boast with similar charge.

So, when building an SEO friendly and versatile website with utter simplicity of process is on your agenda, WordPress is the perfect choice. It can let you enjoy rich pleasures of a flurry of features that get better with each update.

But when building an online store that gives you complete control of the proceedings, do not look beyond Magento. While you may need a developer to build your website for you, you anyways can’t rely on a non-teh-savvy approach to building an eCommerce website that is meant to target a huge user base.

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