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Disqualified due to Shoulder Surgeries

My recruiter had my medical packet sent up to a Surgeon General’s office in later 2015 due to meps saying I needed a further medical review on previous shoulder surgeries. The waiver came back one week ago to today saying that I was disqualified for all active duty Air Force jobs. I have been working hard to get an opportunity to tryout for Pararescue and it all has come to a stand still. Is there anyway I could possibly be accepted a few years down the road, currently 24yrs old. Any way to get around this? Any options on alternate routes because my heart has been set on becoming a PJ for quite some time, not ready to let it go if I didn’t have to but not sure how to go about this.

Thanks for all advice.

How many surgeries did you have? Is this an on going problem? When was the last surgery? The military might think you will need another surgery while you are active and they don’t want to foot the bill.

Go see another doctor for a post-op review? Hopefully they can write down something to the affect of you being 100% healed and will more than likely never need surgery again (but that’s probably false, especially when looking into the PJ pipeline).


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Healed is not the issue. It’s regaining full range of motion combined with strength stability of the joint.

The concern of multiple repair surgeries is each surgery is a further compromise in terms of risk of injury when the joint is exposed to repetitive full range of motion stress.

The statement of “Disqualified for ALL active duty Air Force jobs” is seriously significant as there are Air Force jobs that do accept a PULHES 3 for upper body areas.

This indicates a 4 PULHES for your shoulder injury and surgery history, which translate to medically disqualified for all military service.

Seeing another doctor is a Hail Mary with low probability of success as no physician statement of medical opinion doesn’t by itself change the PULHES profile.

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