DIY Friendship Bracelet Board Loom

I made this Friendship Bracelet Board Loom to make it easier to follow friendship bracelet patterns. Confession: This California girl who was a child in the sixties can’t do the ‘hippie thing’ and just safety pin the threads to my jeans and keep track of where all those threads and knots are supposed to be going. Sigh.

I’ve made several bracelets with a cardboard loom.  The great thing about this loom is that it cost me nothing. Zero. Zip.  The bad thing is that I noticed it was fraying the bracelet threads just a bit, but enough so that I needed to find something that would hold the threads without making them fuzzy.

I solved my problem with fifty-nine cent sheet of craft foam and a hot glue gun.  Later I went all deluxe and added a plastic quilting template sheet and a mini clipboard.  The friendship bracelet board is great to take along when traveling, it’s totally portable; stuff it in your craft bag and go. 🙂  Instructions for making your own Friendship Bracelet Board Loom are below. (The free and easy bare cardboard version is first and then the Deluxe version is below that.) Have fun! – Laura

DIY Friendship Bracelet Board Loom Instructions

Free and Easy Friendship Bracelet Board Loom:

I use mid-weight corrugated cardboard or chipboard. (From a large shoe box.)  Any heavier weight cardboard is hard to cut through and will definitely fray your weaving threads.

The cardboard loom pictured is 9″ x 10″.  It can be whatever size you desire, though.   Eyeball it.

Cut slits, no more than 1 inch deep about every half inch to hold threads.

Use a permanent ink pen (like a Sharpie) to write the numbers for rows on the left side. (see picture.)

Add a medium to large binder clip at the top or if you don’t have one handy, cut a 1/2″-1″ slit in the center top to anchor your knot or button hole. (not pictured)

Add two paper clips to the left side to slide along the row numbers. Your board is ready to use.

Deluxe Friendship Bracelet Board Loom Instructions:

Items you will need


Please note: Choose either option A or B then go to ‘continuing directions’ below.

Option B: Use this section only if you are not using the optional template sheet.

Continuing Directions:

Ready to use!

Oh!  Here’s the Link to the bracelet pattern that is on the loom in the picture:

Super Deluxe Option:

I happened to have a 6″ x 9″ clipboard and began using it with my Friendship Board Loom. I clipped the paper clamp around the board clamp to hold the threads in place. Using the clipboard gives me an extra place to smoothly tuck threads behind and out of the way while I am working.  It’s not necessary, but it’s nice.

Your board is ready to use. Enjoy!

Places I recommend to find bracelet patterns to make:

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