Don't get scammed by the "so-called" government grant

Many entrepreneurs look at the government grant as a very highly viable option for funding their new business ventures. NOT! We’ve talked before about the negatives, including only being available for nonprofits and established companies looking to begin a new division. And just to add insult to injury, INC magazine has released an article titled “7 Businesses To Watch Out For”. And guess who’s sitting pretty at good old #3 on their list. The ever so sneaky government grant program.
According to INC, which by the way, is one of 2 all time favorite business magazines for entrepreneurs, along with Fast Company (R.I.P. Business 2.0), states that due to the scarcity of capital available to new startups and small biz owners, the economy has seen an influx of online companies claiming to help you raise government grants. Entrepreneurs like you, are receiving unsolicited emails that direct you to a website claiming to help you raise thousands of dollars, only after you pay hundreds up front. And then the company and your hard earned money is never to be seen again. Let’s be smart people.
I’m going to give you some quick advise to always always always adhere by. Never ever ever, should you have to pay someone to receive funds for your business. Think about it. Would you give someone $100, in order for them to turn around and give you $1000 right back? Why not just skip the first step, and have them give you $900 and call it a deal? I don’t want to see you squander your hard earned money that is keeping your business and your dream of being a self sufficient entrepreneur, washed away by some lazy company that doesn’t have the ingenuity, ambition or innovation to develop a successful new business like you have.
Instead they’d rather take the easier, illegal road, and scam you for all that you’ve worked for. You are worth more than that. Be careful and guard your business. The better business bureau has already blacklisted a company called CDI Resources among others. So watch out for them. If you receive an email such as this, delete it immediately. Its for your own good. Entertainment will only get you into trouble.