Location based services in mobile ppt

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Location based services in mobile ppt

I have created an installer script to easily get Debian running on your Android device, giving you access to the full plethora of programs available in Debian and let’s you continue using your phone as … UPDATE: (15th Jan 2009) Haven’t forgotten, I have been away on a course for a few days and was hoping to have this wrapped up before I left but I am afraid it didn’t happen that way. HOWEVER whilst stuck …We have now added a social bookmarking function to all content items including forum posts.

So if you have something to say you can instantly share it with all your favorite social sites.

Look out …Okay people,

We are looking for forum moderators, we are a new user driven site with lots of unique content, all we need now is a few unique individuals to police the forums. It’s your site – so help …After receiving 110,000 hits in 2 weeks, it’s finally happened. Our highly trained team of meerkat-lemmingdogs have made positive identification of a grand total of 2, yes TWO automatic registrations by …Now I have been using this battery on my new G1 device for a while, and I can’t believe I am saying this but it appears the more I use it the better the battery life becomes. I don’t have a set charge …After a quick informative chat with DarkriftX over at http://www.android-dls.com, it seems our typeface for the logo above was too close a resemblence to the google affair. So we have quickly reacted to …We have noticed many thousands of hits from non-English speaking countries. So in order to make this site as accessible as possible, we intend to launch our translation service, where you can choose your …Some of you may be aware that between around 11pm tonight (Sat 23rd Jan) there was a temporary database failure, on one of our servers. This lasted for about 1.5 hours and was completely my fault.

I …The recent bug reported to us regarding playback in our videohound android news poster has been resolved. All videos in the video section of the Fanatics Forum should now play without a hitch.

Result. …We understand that trying to follow technical instruction can be difficult, especially when it’s in a foreign tongue.


Due to the demand from non-English speaking nations we have implemented …Just released clear and concise instructions on how to get X11 server running on android. He has successfully got LXDE, and IceWM. There is even a photo showing the LXDE desktop running on the device – …Okay all,  In collaboration with T-Mobile, AndroidFanatic.com has released it’s virtual tour and emulator/simulator of the Android OS. It’s really more for the people visiting this site who don’t already …Okay, so you may have noticed we have been playing around and experimenting with text-ads down the right-hand side of this site, now we are not saying they are crap or anything, but the ‘context-sensitive’ …Building on and in response to this site’s sucesss,  we are expanding. We have created a  new site (tuxfanatic.com) dedicated purely to Linux, that’s linux on a desktop, laptop, netbook, mobile device, …

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