Earbud Buying Guide – Top Under 45$

Here is a simple earbud buying guide that will help you get the maximum best out of your budget when going for a earbud buy.

Many people may ask why did I not include any Headphones? The answer to this is that personally I don’t like headphones a lot because they tend to hang around over the ear and tend to make your ears uncomfortable and warm (hot) in some duration.

This guide is solely directed towards people who will be using it for portable media, and I can guess something discrete is way better than bulky headphones hanging from your head. I personally have around 7-8 IEM’s hanging around the house and two of those I have given to my friends and relatives. Musiety.com has reviewed some of the best in cheap and suitable buds that you might find helpful.

With having an extra pair you can’t be wrong, like I can’t live without my earbuds for a day and I don’t like playing on the speaker built with the phone, so earbuds are a absolute necessary for me.

Well with that being said let’s start with the guide.
My Guide will be divided into Two parts :
  • Earbuds Buying Guide : Low budget
  • Earbuds Buying Guide : Mid budget
This Guide will cover the first.
The low-mid budget will consist of the categories :
  1. Rs 500 – Rs 1000 range
  2. Rs 1001 – Rs 2000 range

SoundMagic ES 18 (15$)

earbud buying guide

The best and cheapest solution to your audio needs.  These earbuds have comfy grip along with great sound quality a little bassy sound with adequate noise cancellation. I have a pair of these.

Creative EP630 (18$)

earbud buying guide

The specialty of this IEM is it’s sound stage which is enormous, a little on the flat side these IEM has great noise cancellation when paired with some professional eartips. I also have a pair of these too.

SoundMagic PL21 (30$)

earbud buying guide

Great soundnstage along with the bassy feel. The bass depth is quite good with no peculiar distortion and the mid’s are crisp too, downside is the high’s which are a little flat.

Brainwavz Alpha IEM (25$)

earbud buying guide

Simply the best at this price range these are the best that you can get. The soundstage is enormous along with the bass depth and clarity of every little detail that you will miss occasionally.

Senheiser CX 180 (28$)

earbud buying guide

A pure monitor headphone with accurate responsiveness and audio detailing. Use these if you want flat sound with incredible or unmatched clarity.
Yeah, Yeah, these are costly beauties so why buy this? They have the same sound clean and clear sound with a little hint on the bass and good soundstage, but the difference is that by looks pl30 is leading with 1%- 2% decrement on the sound side than the E30. The E30 is more comfy wearing whereas the PL30 provides more noise reduction.

Brainwavz M5 (25$)

earbud buying guide
Ever heard of a golden spoon or a basket full of money and honey, this IEM packs everything. The sound is undefinable it has everything the soundstage is immense the clarity is superb and noise cancellation is great the high’s are sparkly and the low’s are deep and pumpy and the mid’s are crisp everything in this package is great.

The reliability and durability of all of the IEM’s are great otherwise I wouldn’t have included them. Thanks and stay tuned for the next article on Earbuds Buying Guide, which will be packed with more gore and more entertaining stuff that will make you increase your budget and get and higher quality one.

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