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/ Encrypt and Lock your Files and Folders with File Secure Free

Encrypt and Lock your Files and Folders with File Secure Free

There were lot of premium encryption programs which can only perform single function’s like hiding or encrypting or locking etc.., and more over most of them are premium applications i.e you have to pay to use them, but i am are really glad that i’ve found a great piece of freemium software ‘File Secure Free’ which does all the things to protect your data and privacy.

As i said before, File Secure Free is a freemium software which comes with clean user-interface, straight forward usage and with options of…

File Secure Free ” Home Screen

File BackUp: With this option you can back-up you important files. To make a backup simply select ‘File BackUp’ on the left side and select your files using ‘Add file’ button and it will create a simple image and store it where ever you choose to. Isn’t it simple!!!

File Encryption: hmm!!! just similar as the above one and that’s what i love about FSF, just select the files or folders and click the encrypt button. FSF will ask you to enter some strong password, do as it said and your file is encrypted instantly. FSF uses military standard AES encryption algorithm which assures you the maximum protection.

File Shredder: Now, everybody wants to delete their confidential files in a way that no one can recover them in any way… To make this possible FSF provides you with most comprehensive file shredder with the famous algorithms like “Gutmann algorithm, Erase and write random data, National Safety Association Standard, United States Military Standard and North Atlantic Treaty Organization Standard” which makes you sleep ave happy dreams


Lockup: This is the notable feature that it can seamlessly lock down you usb drives. To lock you usb drives simple plug-in them and select the drive letter in lockup option and click Lock button and enter some strong password to lock them.

Overall, File Secure Free is a great piece of software which helps you protect your data and privacy for free. Meanwhile i’ve tested it on windows 7 HB 64-bit version and it worked perfectly as it should be.

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