Ethernet Connection Not Working in Debian after Fresh Installation

Just after I installed Debian Squeeze, at first boot, the wired ethernet connection, which worked so well during the install, was not working in the X system (Gnome).

I wondered a lot trying to find an error in ifconfig or dmesg, but could find none. After a while, I noticed that the “status” of the connection in Gnome whenever I clicked on the network manager icon was:

“Wired device not managed”

The device was simply not activated in the interfaces!

In order to activate it, type from a terminal:

$ sudo emacs /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

(or ‘vi’ or ‘nano’ instead of emacs, depending on your favourite text editor)

Then change the line:





Then save the file and restart the network manager:

$ sudo service network-manager restart

And the wired connection should be working straight away.

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