ETMoney App – Manage your Personal Finance Life with Smartphone

Money management is a necessary thing to start working on after you start earning money. Money is volatile and one needs to allocate and invest it properly in order to retain it for a long time. Have you ever wondered about your skills or regretted that you are not good at managing money or handling your personal finances easily? Then worry not!

The Times Internet has re-branded their old Money Manager app “SmartSpends” and launched the re-branded application with additional and interesting features. The Times Internet has launched the updated version of the Money Manager Application, which is named as the “ETMoney“. The ETMoney is an ultimate money manager application for Android smartphone users. Those who are bad at tracking their expenses and investments, this app will help them to track their expenses and income on the go.

I got my hands on this exciting application and here is a review about this app.

ETMoney – Features

  • Automated Spends Tracker

This is an interesting feature of this app. The Automated Spends Tracker is the all-in-one expense tracker in this app. With the Automated Spends tracker, you can keep track of your Daily expenses and one-time costs. The expenses recorded in this app are of two types, i.e., the Recurring Expenses and One-Time expenses.

The Recurring costs are those which you are doing more often, most of the times daily. For me, it’s my Chai-Time and transportation costs. The One-Time expenses are as its name suggests, the One-Time expenses. You can keep track on One-Time expenditures in this app, such as the Gift Purchases, Bill Payments, Recharges and others. You can keep track of all those expenses with the Automated Spends Tracker.

  • Investments – Tracking:

You’ve heard the term “Mutual Fund Investments are Subject to Market Risks.” They are, and you should invest in mutual funds after doing proper research. Well, the ETMoney app helps you to find and check every bit of information about the leading Mutual Funds in the market. Also, thanks to the Times Internet Developer team, you can invest in the Mutual Funds directly from the app. investment wasn’t so easy few years back. The investment process in the Mutual funds is completely paperless and completes in 5 minutes, it takes less time that your 2 Minutes noodles (which never cooks in 2 minutes).

Once you invested in the Mutual Funds or created the portfolio, you can start tracking the progress of the investments. You Vs. Market Index is the sound comparison to track the progress. The ETMoney App comes with the Real-Time portfolio tracker to give you details Tick-By-Tick.

  • Automated Bill Calendar:

It’s embarrassing to receive a call from your Mobile company to remind you of the pending bill payment. I’ve been through that embarrassment, and it sucks. I am kind of Lazy guy who keeps forgetting the “Important Tasks” like Bill Payment most of the times, and my mom blames this on my smartphone. Not anymore!

With the Automated Bill Calendar feature of the ETMoney app, I can keep track of the regular bill payment dates. For Electricity Bill Payments, EMI Payment or Mobile Bill Payment, I can add the dates in the Bill Calendar. The Bill Calendar reminds me to pay the bill before the deadline. That’s a useful feature for a guy like me who forget the important tasks like Bill Payment.

  • Personalized Offers:

In my sense, using the credit card for paying while shopping is a useless thing any smart guy could do. I am a smart guy and never purchase anything with Credit/Debit Card, “UNLESS” there are offers on Credit Card Payments. I love the Cashback, and Loyalty/Reward points received after a credit card transactions.
ETMoney App – Manage your Personal Finance Life with Smartphone

The ETMoney app helps me to find the deals and offers nearby my location to save money. The app helps me to find the discounts on Credit/Debit card payments. I loved this feature because I am a SAVINGS guy who doesn’t want to spend on unnecessary things “UNLESS” there is something I get in return.

  • My Opinion:

I am a Commerce Student and know the importance of the Money Management. Such Money Management Apps are useful for tracking your investments and expenses at one place because it is easier to use the smartphone app than using the Pen-paper for recording the expenses.

In my view, the ETMoney app is a fantastic smartphone application for people of all age groups. Especially, College Students and Freshers will find it helpful to keep track of their expenses. If you want to download this app, then please head to Google Play Store or You can Download the App from Here.

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