Facebook Pages: Are they worth your business time and money?

Did you know that most of your Fans will never return to your Facebook Page once they have visited and “Liked” something?

In fact…up to 98% of your visitors will never return again! If you’re a business owner and you are confused about social media and what the real ROI is for your business efforts, that statistic alone may cause you to think that all this social media stuff is just a bunch of online hype. And if you do think that, you may be right…or you may be missing out on the huge opportunity that Facebook has for your online marketing efforts.

What if Facebook Fan Pages were like Brochures for your Business?

Most online businesses are familiar with a website and its objective. The goal with your company website is to get people to come back over and over again, right? And every time they visit you offer great content and an opportunity to opt-in to your list. You use your online business website to build your community and your business.

So what’s the objective of a Facebook Fan Page? The biggest thing to understand is that your Facebook Fan Page is not a Website. If you treat it like that and expect your Fans to come back again and again, then you are likely to be disappointed. But, that doesn’t mean that they are not seeing your Posts.  

Now a quick disclaimer here: Not all your fans are going to see your posts on their timeline. Facebook has an algorithm that determines who sees what. So without going into too much detail here about that algorithm…you still want to encourage interaction with your posts by asking for the “Like” “Share” and “Comment.” So don’t think of your Facebook Fan Page as a website where people come to you. Instead, think of it like a brochure or catalog that your Fan takes home with them (to their own Newsfeed).

Every time you post something on your Fan Page, it will show up in your fans Newsfeed (provided Facebook lets it through). And…(and this is where the magic comes in), all your Fans friends will have the opportunity to see your posts as well. And…if you make those posts shareable, fun, informative and actionable they will take some sort of action on it and your Facebook exposure grows – exponentially! This is much like someone going into a business, picking up a brochure or catalog, taking it home and setting it on their coffee table.

Every time they open it up, there is new, fresh, and amazing content in it that changes every day (if you are updating your Page everyday). Then, when their friends come over, they can pick up that brochure or catalog too and see what’s inside. If they like what they see, and take action, then they will get a copy of it as well to take home and set on their own coffee table (Timeline) for everyone to see.

Now think about that for a moment. Do you see the power in that type of sharing? Even if the original Fan never returns to your Facebook fan page again, your information can be spread to them, all their friends, and all of their friends of friends almost endlessly!

How Video Can Increase the Share-ability of your Facebook Page Posts

I know that the wheels in your brain are spinning right now at the incredible opportunity with Facebook Pages and their ability for influence far greater than what you ever imagined. So let’s talk about what kind of posts on your Fan Page are going to inspire action from your Future Customers!

Yes…there are many more than that; however, why not start with something that will allow for the greatest exposure of two very powerful online marketing platforms: YouTube and Facebook. While Facebook can and is used for business, you still have to remember that people like quick and easy. And getting something up that is very visual and can inspire action and create an instant connection will give you a huge advantage in your industry.

Effective Video Marketing is driven by short, entertaining, informative videos that are good enough that people want to share them with their friends. And, with the business-friendly tools that YouTube is adding to their site, it’s smart to get in there, learn to create great videos, and be a leader in your field when it comes to marketing your business with video.

So What’s Next for Your Facebook Page and Video Marketing?

First, you need to decide if you are willing to invest the time and really get full use from these powerful online marketing tools. The secret is…you won’t be able to do everything effectively by yourself. So get some help to implement this powerful business strategy. Here are the recommended tools you must have to put this all together:

FB Ads with FissionAds:  This course takes you beyond setting up your Facebook page and shows you how to get the most from your Facebook promotions. Hint: Do this well and you can promote your business at the lowest rates which means a higher ROI!

Outsourcing Mastery: I said that you will need some help with your online business, right? Well, this is it! Learn how to find, hire and train a Virtual Assistant and other freelancers to get your business running like a finely tuned machine. This is how you can really live that Internet Lifestyle that you want!

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