Fallout 4 How To Customize Your Character

When Fallout 4 was just released and in the first seconds after installing the game you will find yourself in the Character Creation menu. Your character will stay in the front of the bathroom mirror, where you will be able to customize its face according to your preferences.

It is good to know that you can edit both female and male characters, but you will be able to play only as one of them. So, while in the edit phase, just select the Sex category to swap between the two characters.

There are a lot of customizations that can be done such as facial features, hairstyles, body type, skin color etc. This allows the players to create a unique character, which made a lot of players happy.

In order to adjust a particular facial feature, you will need to hover over the area to highlight it in green and then edit the Color or Type you wish. In addition, you will be able to “hand-sculpt” the facial features, allowing you to adjust and select the right shape as you wish.

After finishing editing your character’s face, you will be able to edit the hair by changing its style and color from a long list of options. Finally, you will see the Body section, which will determinate the character’s overall body type, just use the triangle until you’re satisfied.

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