Federal Government Employment Facts

Federal Government Employment Facts

The largest employer in the United States is the Federal Government

The Federal Government employs approximately 2.8 million personnel and federal jobs can be obtained in over 200 countries.

The Office of Personnel Management, which is the hiring authority for the Federal Government, announced that due to attrition (baby boomers retiring) up to 50% of the current federal workforce is projected to retire over the next five to seven years.

If you have ever considered working for the federal government, the time to apply is right now. Currently, the main website to search federal vacancies is www.usajobs.opm.gov and there are always over 21,000 federal jobs available on any day.

The only catch is that it is a bit daunting to develop a federal resume and all procedures must be adhered to in order to qualify for a federal job.

The following issues are very obvious, but many applications are disqualified due to failure to comply.

All current Federal job opening are listed at www.usajobs.opm.gov

Here you are able to search by announcement number, job title, series, agency and/or geographic location.

Submit your positions to us for review.

About Federal Government Resumes

A Federal Government Resume is the most important document for starting or advancing your federal government career.

A Federal Resume is different from a private-industry resume because it is typically longer and contains some basic “compliance” information required by government personnel.

It is a critical marketing presentation, career summary, and personal presentation. It is not just an outline of your jobs and dates.

It is a carefully focused, well-written, clearly organized and professionally presented career package that can help you win jobs and earn promotions.

The Federal Resume utilizes a reverse-chronological format (most recent positions first) and could range from two to ten pages.

Federal resumes are strategically developed to incorporate the all important key words and core competencies that take you to the top of the qualification selection.

Here’s How The Process Works

Step 1 Go to the order page choose the appropriate product for you and complete the information and place order.

Step 2 A writer will attempt to contact you within one business day; at which point, the writer will discuss your background and objectives and strategize with you on how to best craft your federal resume package.

Step 3 Attach your current resume and any KSAs you’ve done – (if applicable). If you don’t have a resume, don’t worry! We will send you a Resume Worksheet to complete.

Step 4 – A rough draft of your resume will be completed within (3-5) business days of your writer’s receipt of your relevant career documents.

Step 5 Review and approve your new resume and/or KSA’s . Your writer will work directly with you to make revisions and ensure you have a career document that accurately represents you and showcases your skills. The writer will complete the final version of the resume within (7) days of the completion of the rough draft. If requested, rush service is available for a faster turn around time.

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