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Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas

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How financial professionals can promote themselves

If you are a financial adviser seeking new high-net-worth clients, traditional marketing approaches may not provide the results you are looking for. Instead of using direct-response advertising, consider a targeted display advertising campaign that enables you to reach out to people who meet the specific income and other guidelines that you are searching for. For assistance, use the Bizo Marketing Platform.

As a publisher, you need to know if you���re driving the right web traffic that matters to your business, and if your audiences are engaging with the content you provide.

The Bizo Marketing Platform includes Audience Analytics, a website audience reporting and

analytics application that tells you the business demographic make-up of visitors. This helps you:

The Bizo Marketing Platform is free for publishers.

Maximize your audience monetization – both on and off-site

“A B2B Marketer’s Guide to Web Optimization”

Watch this short clip – know the business profile behind every website visitor.

“In just a few months working with Bizo, we’re increasing our brand awareness with audiences that matter,”

“Bizo’s business targeting ensures we’re getting in front of the most qualified audiences for our business, and it shows in the results.”

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