First HTML Page

Today we will create our first HTML page. I am also excited as you are :)

So here we go,

#1 Open your notepad, if you are using Windows OS or any other text editor if you are using any other OS.

#2 Now, write the below lines of code into it.



<title>My First Page – Alychicoding</title>



I am learning HTML .



Note : Nowadays the browser have become very lenient , in the above code if you don’t close the tags ie </html> , </body>

then also it will work.But don’t ever follow it.

Detail of the above code

# First thing to note is the order of closing these tags(angle brackets). First opened tags closes at end. Just check that we have opened the <html> tag at beginning but we have closed it(by putting slash in front of it . ie </html>) at the end and same for the body tag .

Now save the file and name it firsthtml.html or firsthtml.htm , generally we use html for the HTML file , .htm is the old convention of naming file extension, when every extension is suppose to be only three letters.

You can save the file in any folder or at any location , it will be better if you save it in folder so that you can store all your tutorials there.Lets name the folder alychicoding and store the file there. Now open the html/htm file in any browsers.

Do install Chrome/Forefox  if you don’t have either of them. They are very important tools of development.

After opening the file in browser check the title of the browser document.Can you see ‘My First Page – AlychiCoding‘ there or whatever text you have written in your <title> tag.

And in the browser you are viewing I am learning HTML  .

Cheers :)   you are done with your First HTML page. Now we will learn more HTML stuff. So get ready…