Fix android error 921 while downloading or updating apps.

Fix android error 921 while downloading or updating apps.


Fix android error 921 while downloading apps from Google play store: Google play store has got million of apps for thousands of android smart phones present in the market. So it becomes difficult for developer to customize apps as per demand of each smart phone. Also many times bugs in OS can cause many errors when you try to download or install apps from Google . One of the error that users face is error 921. Although if you have gone through my other articles you should know that fix to all android errors are almost same.

Fix android error 921 while downloading or updating apps:

Method 1 to resolve error 921 while downloading apps from Google play store:

This is the simplest method and has worked me also. Whenever you face error 921 clear all cache files from play store, installed apps and Google framework. Now restart your phone and then try to install the app which is causing error.

Method 2 to fix android error 921:

Many times removing your Gmail account and again adding it could help you to solve this play store issue. For this follow these steps

Once new account has been added you can install those apps which are causing error 921 in Google play store.

Method 3 to fix unknown error during application install 921:

Although methods given above will definitely help you to get rid of error 921 but still this is the last method left and I must discuss about this also.

Factory reset your android smart phone. To Factory rest your android phone

Open settings >> backup and reset >> in backup and reset you can see factory data reset.

I advise you to go for this method only if above two methods fails. This method will surely work for you.

Error 921 is common in some of android versions like Jellybean(4.3), kitkat(4.4) and lollipop(5.0).

I hope this article will help you to resolve error 921 while downloading, installing or updating apps from Google play store. But if you still have any problem or issues feel free to ask in the comments box below.

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Been doin those steps overand over. Even the factory reset but the same error occur. Is there anyway we can still fix this? (Error 921)


tried all the above mentioned solution but last one has worked. Thanks

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