4 Free Social Bookmarking Sites

As far as social bookmarking goes, automation is really the only way to go. How about if I add the word free to automation ? Yes – free social bookmarking sites for automation in social media!

Bookmarking is not worth the time it takes to do it by hand, and every internet marketer has to decide what to do with this problem : outsource this task,  buy a software to do this, or just forget about it all together and just do a couple of ones by hand. BUT yes – there ARE free social bookmarking sites out there that everybody can use.

These tools are not necessarily unknown – I’ve just never seen them refered to at the same time. This is why I wanted to write this post. These 4 tools for free automatic social bookmarking used together will work better for you than any paid software. Those links will look way more natural.

Free Social Bookmarking Sites

ImAutomator  uses the system’s bookmarking accounts

SocialAdr – uses other people’s social bookmarking accounts

OnlyWire – uses your own bookmarking accounts

Socialmonkee – use a private network of bookmarking sites

ImAutomatorbookmarking –  this one is fairly new, but it is getting more and more attention. ImAutomator is aiming to have many tools available for automation, not just social bookmarking, but there will always be a free membership level for the  automatic bookmarking  submission.

This one is by far the easiest to use out of all bookmarking automation tools. There is nothing to download to your computer and NO accounts to open. You really just fill up the fields ( even easier with the URL extractor – you’ll see what I mean) and push submit.

Not only that, you also can choose how the system will submit for you : all at once or drip feeding.

bookmarking2SocialAdr – this one is a little more complex to understand, but it is just as easy to use. It is a bookmarking community where you will bookmark other people’s content, and other people will bookmark your content.

This is by far the most effective way to do social bookmarking, because you are NOT using your own accounts to bookmark your own stuff, and REAL people with REAL accounts will be bookmarking you content. These are not accounts that were opened with softwares. You know, like it’s suppose to be…

You will have faster results if you use their paid services, but get familiar with this system with the free membership level (that will always be free)

bookmarking3OnlyWire –  OnlyWire is much more known because it’s been around for years. I have personally known about this service for a long time, but for some reason, I never got around to use it until recently because I didn’t totally understand it…

I though that I had to open new bookmarking accounts for each new website, but no – with ONE OnlyWire account, you can auto-bookmark (if that is a word…) any url. With OnlyWire, you will be using  your own bookmarking accounts,  so you will have to open all those account (OnlyWire supports up to 42 !) . It’s a pain, but you probably have a few of them already and remember that you only have to do this ONE time.

You have to download something to your computer, then link back to them from one of your sites (it can be a Blogger blog if you want to or use a wordpress plugin) and you have to use their bookmarklet thingy, but every thing is very well explained on their site. Once you’ve set up everything, it really becomes push button backlinking (happy happy :))  — all for free.

OnlyWire went through phases(and different owners too) of working very good to so- so, but it’s really good right now. I have been trying the RSS function, where I just enter my RSS and everything gets bookmarked automatically as the posts get publish. The only thing that isn’t automatic is the “captcha” thingy, but they just put up on your computer screen. You don’t have to wait for them n their website. You’ll see what I mean.

bookmarking4 Social Monkee – This on is too new for me to talk about and yet, too interesting to NOT talk about. With the free version, you can easily send your url automatically to 25 bookmarking sites. You can submit 1 URL to 25 sites, once a day. Very well explained in the member’s page.

How to Use these Free Social Bookmarking Automation Tools

This is how I use these free social bookmarking tools.

First of all, I still do a little manual bookmarking, but to sites that pay me. Some sites such as Xomba and RedGage will pay you to bookmark. Of course, it’s not a lot of money, but it is still hands off addictive passive income… for backlinking !

Then, everything depends on what you are trying to achieve. With IMAutomator, it is so easy and they social bookmarking accounts are not mine – so I don’t care that much ! What I mean is, I use this for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that I want indexed. This is perfect for profile links, and all your articles for example.

Bookmarks with SocialAdr are a little more… precious. You need to work a little to get free credits (or just pay for them) so I am more picky with my SocialAdr bookmarks. I tend to use these for content that I already know I can rank for, and want to rank for. This has been working really good for me for Hubpages and Infobarrel (my 2 favorite adsense sharing sites lately)

OnlyWire is still new to me and that submitter thing they make you install made my computer slow, so I had to deactivate it from startup menu. For that reason, I havent been using it that much – BUT- what is interesting about OnlyWire is that you are using your own accounts. You then have more control.

What I mean is, when you will open those bookmarking accounts for OnlyWire, it will be worth it to do it right :

  • fill up those profiles nicely, you can always leave a link somewhere to your website
  • keep notes of the URL’s of your profiles. You want those to be indexed.
  • keep notes of the feeds. Each one of those bookmarking accounts will usually have a feed. Send them to feed aggregators for even more backlinks to your backlinks