Now that I’m back home after a few days away, I’m back to trying and reporting on something new. After seeing a tweet about it recently I became curious about I’ve spent about an hour on there already going through their HTML 5 and CSS tutorial and liking it a lot so far.

The website is made up of a large collection of short coding exercises that start with the basics and become more and more complicated. The coding that I have done so far happens completely in-browser. I’m excited to say that in a couple hours I understand CSS syntax and its usability much better than I ever had.

The website creates a great support network, having their users sign up with Github right away so that they can participate in a Gitter chatroom specifically for FreeCodeCamp discussion. Very cool, you’ll probably catch me there eventually! They also encourage you to join a Facebook group specifically for FreeCodeCampers in your city. I joined one near me!

Additionally, the website is unique in that it also offers real experience for its users by creating a directory of non-profits that are requesting help from learning programmers. Although these are unpaid, they offer opportunities to build your portfolio with real projects. You must have completed certain parts of the freeCodeCamp course before you can offer your help. In my opinion, it is a great way to continue to learn and build experience while helping out good causes. The website also boasts that before most of its students complete its entire course they find jobs in development with the skills that they’ve built partway through the program.

As a completely free course that are up front in their options for networking with other learners, the chance to build your portfolio with real experience, and the style of their lessons, this website has easily already become one of my favorites. I’ll definitely take the time to work through this course and hopefully get to the point where I can work on some real projects. If you’re interest in web development especially, you should definitely check it out!

Aly Chiman

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