GE Power Pro X500 w/ 15x Zoom Digital Camera Review

Looking to find the best professional digital camera for your needs – only in reading digital camera reviews are you able to come up with a decision.

There are so many digital cameras available in the market today, because the popularity of digital photography has really soared in recent x500 review

I love photography so much and I’m really very interested in taking amazing pictures, so I really knew that I had to go pro and find a camera that can address the features that I need.

I bumped into the GE Power Pro in one of the reviews that I read, and it really caught my eye because of the amazing features that were mentioned. The GE Power Pro X500 16MP with 15 x Optical Zoom Digital Camera Features are really one of a kind and something to be proud of, and this is why I decided to buy the camera.

The features are as follows:

16MP and 15x Optical Zoom

In taking professional quality pictures, the resolution is very important. Having a camera that’s capable of 16 megapixels is really something that can help anyone take the most professional of pictures, and this is what I found with the Power Pro.

Also, the 15x Optical Zoom (and 6x Digital Zoom) is amazing as well, because this means that I can take pictures from afar with the same quality and resolution.

HDR Adjustment

The GE Power Pro reviews also mentioned the High Dynamic Range Adjustment, which gives me the right light and dark balance no matter what the lighting conditions are. This is very important because as a photographer, you can’t really control the lighting conditions especially if it’s an outdoor setting.

Image Stabilization and Auto Settings

The camera also comes with an optical image stabilizer, which enables me to get good quality photos even when I have unintentional camera movements. This is also good because even if I’m not the one handling the camera, I can still make sure that the photos come out crisply.

ge x500 review

The GE X500 review I read (mainly from really mentioned a lot of advantages to this camera.

I bought the camera because of the GE Power Pro X500-BK 16 MP with 15 x Optical Zoom Digital Camera advantages mentioned, and among the few that really stood out for me and really figured into influencing my decision are the following:

The camera is “smart”

A lot of other users mentioned in the best GE digital camera reviews 2012 that what they love about this camera is that it’s smart.

First, it has a lot of auto-detection features (face detection, smile detection, blink detection) that can really give users an advantage. The anti-shake feature also means that the camera is smart enough to adjust the image to remove the blurriness that would’ve normally resulted from the shaking.

The camera is helpful

Even the best photographers need all the help they can get, and I for one know that if you have a good camera with you, you can take even better pictures.

This particular camera comes with red-eye reduction and advanced features like shutter and aperture priority modes, so I was really able to get all the help I needed.

As I was reading the best GE Power Pro digital camera reviews and looking at what other people say about the camera, I was really convinced that the camera has all the features that I need.

A lot of users mentioned that the video quality is better than expected and even the battery life is really exceptional, and if you add this to all the features and advantages that really stood out for me then this camera is obviously a great find.

I was also watching out for a few cons because I wanted to make the purchase knowing everything that the camera has to offer – the good and even the not so good.

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For one I think the screen resolution in LCD could be improved a bit. It doesn’t affect the quality of the pictures because when I view it in my computer screen the quality is just as it should be, however, the LCD could use some improvement.

It’s not distracting or anything, but if there’s one thing the camera can improve on it’s that. The sound effects that the camera makes when taking shots was also a bit distracting at first, but there’s an option where you can turn the sound effects off so that’s something that can easily be solved.

Reading the GE Power Pro reviews 2012 also made me realize that I can buy a couple of camera accessories along with the purchase of the camera.

For one, I had to make sure that I had a camera bag with the right size. I also made sure I got a good quality tripod that comes with a case, so I can bring it with me everywhere I go. I also got an extra battery and charger pack, to ensure that I don’t run out.

Of course I got a memory card as well, and I recommend that you get the 16GB one if it’s available so you can store as many pictures as you can take.

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The bottom line is that the GE Power Pro X500-BK 16 MP with 15 x Optical Zoom Digital Camera is really a camera that I can recommend to anyone who wants to try their hand at professional shooting.

It comes with just the right features and the advantages that you get from the camera are also really one of a kind.

Going pro is something that a lot of people are looking into, and when you want to go pro the most important thing is to have the right camera to take with you in that journey. I found that balance with the GE Power Pro X500.