Get Your Gmail Stats with Gmail Meter

If you are a businessman, a web professional or just any other technology-dependent citizen, then you must be using your email on a daily basis more than the average person. If you are using Gmail, then you may want to install this one.What is Gmail Meter?

Gmail Meter as an app script that provides stats on the usage of your Gmail account, even better than how “Google Account Activity” has metered your Google account.What use is this to you?

Knowing these numbers can optimize your Gmail usage and help you in maintaining efficiency in reading and delivering your messages.What does Gmail Meter show me?

This tool gives you detailed monthly activity stats such as:Volume Statistics

A summary of the emails you have received/sent and conversations you have updated. It also shows how many people have sent and received your emails. This helps you analyze your usage of Gmail’s tools for prioritizing like labels and alert messages.Daily Traffic

This shows a comparison of the number of messages you have received and sent depending on the time of the day. On the X-axis are the crucial hours in an office timeline-6 AM, noon, and 6 PM. This data can be used in self-imposing an hour for answering emails to vacate unnecessary email usage during the day.Traffic Pattern

Shows your received and sent emails during the week. It also shows if you are answering messages during the weekend.Email Categories

This gives a pie chart of how well you have managed your incoming and outgoing emails through proper labels. The chart is divided into four areas: In Inbox, In Labels, Archived, and In Trash. A well-organized email system with filters and labels would show minimal percentage in the “In Inbox” category and, instead, show maximum usage in the “In Labels” grid.Time Before First Response

Shows the time lapse before you reply to a message and before others reply to your messages.Word Count

Another bar graph, this shows how many words you answer with and how many words other people answer you with. Consider writing shorter emails since people are always too busy to run through long ones.Thread Lengths

This displays a summary of how much you participate in conversations that result to long threads.Top Senders and Top Recipients

This list helps you recognize the colleagues, friends and family you frequently exchange messages with.How to install Gmail Meter:

Go to Google Docs.

Open a Spreadsheet.

Click Tools then Script Gallery.

On the Gallery’s search box, look for Gmail Meter.

Click Install. A new item (Gmail Meter) will appear on your spreadsheet.

Click on Gmail Meter then Get a Report.

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