Google Adsense High Paying Keywords for Various Niches

There are number of ways to make money blogging. But the first and foremost thing you have to do is to select the right niche to make more money from Google AdSense. I am writing this article by assuming that you all know about Google AdSense and I wanted to make a list of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords in Various Niches.

You might have read that there are many successful bloggers who are making large sums of money online. It may annoy you if still your Google AdSense account is giving out only pennies. This is because of a simple factor. It’s because of the Keyword.

Google Adsense High Paying Keywords

If you target the high paying keywords like ‘Attorneys/Lawyers’, then the $100 check will fly to your address in just few days. You don’t need to wait for months long to get your first $100 check.

If your blog lies in the category that covers some of the below mentioned high paying keywords, then you will make quick money by placing related Google AdSense ads in your blog. Since all are PPC marketing campaigns, you will get money for every click.

Find the Google Adsense High Paying Keywords,







Conference Call


Cord Blood
































If you have started a site about toothbrushes, then you will get only pennies from Pay-Per-Click ad. But if you have any attorney related blog, then you will get around $40 per click which is a good Google AdSense Revenue.

This will be tempting and so you should not change your toothbrush blog to an attorney related blog overnight. Hence you must be careful in selecting the niche of your blog.

Kindly note that, the amount per keyword may vary with respect to time and market.

Now let me give you some of the latest Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords with respect to different  niches.

Highest Paying Attorneys Related Keywords
austin dwi 100.42
austin dwi attorney 132.52
san diego dui attorney 73.52
houston criminal attorney 48.84
san diego dui 37.66
dwi texas 20.02
dui attorneys 44.92
dwi attorney 45.68
dui attorney 45.84
dui lawyer 43.7


Highest paying Domain Name related keywords
register a domain name 22.34
servers dedicated 43.42
how to register a domain name 21.08
register domain names 24.76
domain register 22.62
domain registration 21.26
domain registering 20.84
counter strike dedicated servers 33.26
buy domain name 21.76
registering domain names 22.4


Highest Paying Medical related Keywords
mesothelioma attorneys 184.76
mesothelioma lawyers 187.68
mesothelioma lawyer 191.56


Highest Paying Software related keywords
software escrow 34.58
billing software 17.62
human resources software 21.1
small business software 12.62
inventory management software 13.2
pestpatrol 12.32
fundraising software 9.44
software configuration management 12.52
great plains software 9.72
software distribution 11.18
web survey software 15.24
backup software 12.96


Highest paying Auto/Finance related Keywords
auto insurance quote 62.94
auto quote 52.04
auto insurance quotes 62.4
nj auto insurance 57.16
auto quotes 56.18
auto insurance ontario 44.82
insurance auto florida 40.88
auto insurance 35.82
auto accident attorney 82.52
michigan auto accident 43.66
new york auto insurance 54.42
auto insurance ca 50.04
car insurance quote 67.14
online car insurance 64.36
term life insurance quote 35.52
cheap car insurance 51.24
auto insurance quotes 62.4
online insurance quotes 53.32
nj auto insurance 57.16
debt consildation 26.04
discount car insurance 46.92

I hope these would help you to get pretty good AdSense income. If you have any other keywords, then please do share with others.