Google Adwords Extensions for Small / Local Businesses.

google adwords extensions

In the online advertising world, digital real estate is essential. In the paid media field Boardwalk and Park Place are the top 3 ad positions in Google Search. While it’s great to get a spot in the top 3, it’s even more important to hold as much of that real-estate as possible. One of the best ways to do that is through Google Ad Extensions. Small and local businesses have a definite benefit from these enhancements; listed below are the top extensions for these types of companies.

Location Extensions:  Aiding your customers in finding your business’s location through paid ads, these extensions are by far the most expansive form. The vast number of local searches for contact information such as phone numbers and business addresses means that this extension holds a lot of potential. Particularly useful for brick-and-mortar businesses, it adds your store information in the relevant searches and on Google maps. The benefits of being where your customers are searching are pretty clear.

Offer Extensions:  These extensions are links with customizable text that offer a promotion to your visitors. They can come in the form of coupons, deals, or discounts. They are exclusive and customizable for certain products, percentages, and times available for redemption. The main benefit here is that it adds an extra incentive for searches to choose your brand/product over the competition and help drive ROI.

Call Extensions: Particularly beneficial on mobile device searches the call extension provides the phone number next to the ad. On mobile device it also enables the click to call function.

Seller Rating Extensions:  Seller ratings are probably the most difficult for small businesses, however extremely beneficial. These extensions show as a 5 star rating within your ad. In order to achieve this you must be able to maintain consistent positive reviews of at least 3.5 rating or higher

Google Adwords Extensions are just one way to enhance your paid media presence. Optimizing and integrating a variety of these techniques will help drive qualified traffic and increase ROI.


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