Google Handwrite

Google has unveiled a new feature for its search engine which is focused for using the search engine on Smartphone or tablet devices. It is actually very difficult to use the keyboard on these devices especially on move. Use your finger or stylus to instruct Google what you want to search for without using the keyboard facility. Google automatically recognizes the letter and words as you write on the screen.

google handwrite

How to enable the feature:
  1. Go to on your device and scroll at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on settings and you will be redirected to preference page
  3. Scroll until you find Handwrite feature
  4. Select “Enable” and then save it



Handwrite feature is now enabled on your device
How to use the feature:
  1. Click on Handwrite icon  at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Use your finger or stylus to start writing the search terms anywhere on the screen.
  3. While you write, Google automatically recognizes the letter or word and same is entered in the search box. Use backspace icon  to delete one or more character or word. Click X in the search box to cancel the search and start from the beginning.
  4. Click on the search icon  to start searching.
The search is powered by Google Instant which starts predicting the term based on the input characters entered. To enable Google Instant, go to Settings > Google Instant and select Use Google Instant.
The feature works great in the native Android browser and Chrome on Android 2.3+ phones, Android 4.0+ tablets, and iOS 5+ phones and tablets.
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