Postural Physiotherapy

Global Postural Re-Education (RPG or GPR) is an innovative method of posture correction developed by the French physiotherapist Philippe Souchard.

RPG can treat postural and musculoskeletal complaints.

This method is present in France, all the southern part of Europe and the American continent. It has been practiced for over 30 years by qualified doctors and physiotherapists..

RPG uses of manual therapy through Therapeutic Posture Exercises and focuses on stretching soft tissues in order to gain flexibility, muscular tonus balance and eliminate unnecessary tension.

Information about this method is available through this link

RPG method main goal is to ameliorate/align any morphological deviation in order to progressively regain body functions. In other words, the Global Postural Re-education method can help you to do things for your day-to-day life. By correcting your posture, RPG method contributes to ease the related complaints.

RPG treats musculoskeletal conditions which cause pain, weakness, stiffness or loss of movement.

Any ages can be considered as the RPG is a gentle, progressive and active method and respects each person’s capability.

A RPG treatment starts with a thorough assessment of the symptoms/complaints, the associated postural and muscular compensations.

The initial assessment is done in standing, then in sitting, then in lying. It combines thorough observations, specific tests, palpation of the body areas related to your complaints.

According to the initial assessment, clinical reasoning and the patient reports, the RPG therapist will choose the appropriate postures for the presenting symptoms.

There are eight evolutive Therapeutic Posture Exercises which are shown below. These postures are tailored to specific complaints of each patient and respect the individual oneness.

Therapist and patient will progressively progress the posture from minimum tension to progressively reach final position with final tension. This final position depends on each person’s condition, complaints and capability.

Therapist roles are to guide the patient, apply manual therapy as required and avoid any compensatory mechanisms.

Our Maxillofacial Physiotherapist was awarded a University Degree in Maxillofacial Rehabilitation from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montpellier. She previously practiced in Paris, were she was referred by the main experts in maxillofacial surgery of Paris, including the maxillofacial surgeon of the Pitié Salpétrière hospital in Paris.

Katia is specialized in Global Postural Physiotherapy. GPR is one of the leading method to assess and to treat postural and musculoskeletal disorders in France and in all the southern part of Europe. GPR is also present in the American continent, and is progressively recognised as one of the most effective method in Postural Physiotherapy.

Our physiotherapist is specialized in Global Active Stretching (SGA® method). Global Active Stretching originates from the RPG method and follows the same principles. This method consists of a series of stretching exercises based on specific, controlled and progressive postures with the goal of promoting improved soft tissue flexibility and consequently a better range of movement.

Our Lymphoedema Physiotherapist was trained in Lymphoedema Physiotherapy in Europe and at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital. She provides initial diagnostic assessment, ongoing assessment and treatment of people with lymphoedema.

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