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GPS Tracker v1.7 (1.7) Android Apk App GPS Tracker v1.7 (1.7) Android Apk App

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GPS Tracker v1.7

GPS Tracker v1.7

Android 1.7+

GPS Tracker for family. Try it for FREE and get the most reliable family locator

Use GPS Tracker app to monitor real time locations and getting the exclusive automatic alerts when you children arrives at home or school. Now you can have the power of our family GPS tracking technology in your hands. Keep your family members safe at your fingertips.

GPS Tracker Features:

– Real time GPS tracking location (GPS locator)

– Automatic geofence alerts (in/out home, school or other places)

– Content monitoring: SMS messages, contacts etc (anti sexting and bullying)

– Remote Wipe

– Callbacks

We make more than tracks the exact location of your children and family members!

GPS Tracker is more than a simple app. It`s a innovative Family Safety Service that uses mobile devices and a powerful web integration to offer you many access options. So you can use it from your mobile device or have full access to web control panel.

Moms and dads are worried about what their kids are doing mobile. Banks like Bank of America and Chase Bank too. Because mobile devices can used for fraud, services like GPS Tracker are helpfull for mobile banking users.

Install GPS Tracker today on your Android device. Your family will be grateful and you can stay quiet all day. Talk about GPS Tracker to your friends and share it too. They will apreciate your help to protect them.

GPS Tracker is the ideal service for parents and guardians who want to make sure their families remain safe and free from threats to their personal safety and privacy. Protect your kids. Install it now!

People like this app because they are looking for an easy and powerful family GPS locator and family locator for kids and family members.

KEEP IN TOUCH: If you experience problems with GPS Tracker app, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US at We’re unable to help if you only leave a comment on the Android Market. We want to help you!

Our mission is protect people and families and not only check GPS status or tracking objects using the technology available on mobile devices. So don’t use it as a GPS navigation or GPS navigator app for cars or other vehicles. For this, try instamapper or waze community GPS.

GPS Tracker is optimized to get better results from GPS sensor, signal strength of satellites, to measure accuracy, speed, acceleration and bearing using A-GPS or cell phones tower signal.


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