Header row does not repeat on subsequent pages

If you want the header row of a table to repeat in a Reporting Services 2008 report you might find that setting the “Repeat header rows on each page” setting (shown in the below screenshot) does not produce the desired results.

This normally happens when you have a table with no groupings, which would just contain the details group and a header row as in the screenshot below.

In order to get the header row to repeat you need to enable “Advanced Mode” on the groupings panes at the bottom of the report designer.

Once you have done this you will see that you are presented with a couple of static groups that now appear in the Row Groups and Column Groups panes.

Select the static group above the Details group in the Row Groups pane. This is the header row of the details group. In the properties window scroll down and find the “RepeatOnNewPage” property. Set this property’s value to “True”

After you have set this property run the report again. You will now see that the header row repeats on each page.

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