How to Use Your Headphones to Control Your iPhone Audio

headphones control iphone audio

The multifunction button located on your headphones does a lot more than answer your iPhone or hang it up. You can control the music that’s playing with a surprising amount of functions hidden in that little button. So much so that I hardly ever touch my iPhone to control my iPod any more.

  • Press button once to begin playing music.
  • Use the button’s volume controls to increase or decrease playback volume.
  • Press button once to pause a song and press it again to resume playing the song. (If you do this when a call is coming in, the music pauses and the call is answered. When you press it to hang up, the music resumes playing.)
  • Press button twice to advance to the next song.
  • Press button three times to jump back to the previous song.
  • Press button twice and hold down on the second to fast-forward a song.
  • Press button four times to jump back to the previous song and pause it.

Do you know any controls that I missed?

Aly Chiman

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