How to Hide Audio, Video, Image Media Files from Appearing in Android Media Players

hide media files android

Android devices come with some built-in apps like Music Player, Video Player and a Gallery to access your media files. Also, there are tons of apps like these on Play Store. But there is a very annoying problem with all of them.

They will scan the phone’s storage and will include all the supported files. Thereby mixing up your media as well as non-media files. For e.g. in Music Player unwanted files like WhatsApp audio messages, recordings may appear in the playlist. This also slows down your app.

But there is a very simple solution for this nuisance. With this method, you can prevent certain files like recordings or some private videos or photos from appearing in your music playlist or in gallery. Very few of us know that there is an Android format file “.nomedia” which basically tells the media scanner that there is no media file in this folder, just skip it.

  1. Open your computer and then open a text editor like Notepad.
  2. Save the blank text file as .nomedia and choose file type “All files” while saving.
  3. Now, copy this file to the folder(s) containing files which you want to prevent from appearing in Gallery/ Music player/ Video Player.
  4. After this, just restart your device and problem solved.

Now, these files can only be accessed on your Android device in your File Manager/Explorer.

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