BMW X3 Owners Manual – Hints – Front-end collision warning

with braking function

BMW X3 Owners Manual: Hints






Personal responsibility

The system does not serve as a substitute

for the driver’s personal judgment of the

traffic situation.

Be aware of the traffic situation and the vehicle’s

surroundings at all times, otherwise accidents

are still possible despite all warnings.

Adapting your speed and driving style

The displays and warnings of the system

do not relieve the driver of the responsibility to

adapt his or her driving speed and style to the

traffic conditions.

Be alert

Due to system limitations, warnings may

be not issued at all, or may be issued late or

improperly. Therefore, always be alert and ready to intervene; otherwise, there

is the risk

of an accident.

Tow-starting and towing

For tow-starting or towing, switch off the

Intelligent Safety systems; otherwise malfunctions

of the individual braking systems might

lead to accidents.

The system issues a two-phase warning of a

possible danger of collision with vehicles at

speeds above approx. 3 mph/5 km/h. Time of

warnings may va …

Button in the vehicle

Intelligent Safety button

Radar sensor

The radar sensor is located in the lower area of

the front bumper.

Always …

Other materials:

Check the traffic situation as well

Louds noises outside and inside the vehicle

can drown out the parking assistant’s and

PDC’s signals.

Check the traffic situation around the vehicle

with your own eyes; otherwise, there is a danger

of an accident.

1. Switch on the parking assistant and act …

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