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Chicago, IL(Total 17 Reviews)Average Rating : 4.7 out of 5Allison from Evanston, Illinois

Any time I’ve had problems, HiPoint has been very helpful and responsive! The internet can be slow at times, but could be due to high demand. Mar 28 2016 Diane G. from Chicago, Illinois

I have used HiPOINT for my phone and Internet for about 5 years. During that time, the quality of service and stability of the product has only gotten better. Any time I have needed assistance, it has been provided quickly by very competent associates. I am very satisfied with this service, and pleased that my building chose to keep using it. Mar 27 2016 Old T. from Chicago, Illinois

Only a short time on hold on the phone, and the representative was attentive and competent, fixing my problem in just a minute or so.Mar 27 2016 Brian M. from Chicago, Illinois

I have been a customer for about 5 yrs now.Hipoint is without a doubt the best internet service I have experienced. My service is only ever down for maintenance very rarely, and I cant remember any recent outages.The technicians and office personnel are all top notch.The speed I pay for is excellent.This is truly a company built on excellence and it shows.Mar 26 2016 Daniel F. from Chicago, Illinois

HiPoint is a great service provider. A couple of days ago the internet went down at about 1 to 2 am and it was back up and running in the early morning.In my building we are limited to 30Mbps up and download. That is fine for most surfing but I seem to have problems with live streaming, most notably WMAQ channel 5. I wish HiPoint could provide faster connection speeds (if that would help with the streaming) even if it costs extra. More and more people are using computers to live stream. Pre-recorded streaming like YouTube, and other news related video seems to do fine. Other than that I would choose HiPoint over any other mainstream internet service because that is what they do, no TV, no phone service etc. Just good reliable internet.Mar 25 2016 Masuzyo N. from Chicago, Illinois

Great and dependable service!!!!! Have had no issues Mar 25 2016 Jim M. from Chicago, Illinois

Telephone support is not good. I called for help and the girl hung up on me. Not good and needs to improve. Mar 25 2016 Rob P. from Chicago, Illinois

HiPoint has been fast in responding to any issues with service and has provided quality advice on technical issues with devices we have in our home.Mar 25 2016 Linda from Chicago, Illinois

Only problem I have is my computer freezing Sites and have to restart . I guess that doesn’t have anything to do with WIFI .so, everything is good .Thank youMar 25 2016 Leslie E. from Chicago, Illinois

I love HiPoint. I had used AT&T; for a long time who could only provide me with less that 500Kbs (not the 3 Mbs I was paying for). Even worse, if you had issues you had to deal with a long unfriendly automated message to report them. HiPoint provides a far superior service. Not only do I get the full 6Mbps speed I pay for, but, if I have an issue, I get to speak to a real person 24/7. Most issues can be dealt with over the phone, but if a service person has to come out, they are there the next day and the people who come out are very service-oriented and pleasant to deal with. The rare couple of times we have had a building-wide issue, they have us back on line within 2-3 hours.Mar 25 2016 S from New York, New York

Mostly Good. However, there are times when service is down and we don’t know when we’ll have our internet back. It would be great if the company can tell us when it’s down and the expected time that it’ll be down. So we wouldn’t panic! but overall. I’ve had great experience with Hipoint.Mar 24 2016 anonymous from Chicago, Illinois

sometimes slow speeds, but overall not badMar 24 2016 Brad S. from Chicago, Illinois

Fast service that is reliable. Mar 24 2016 Ryan T.

Fast speeds and good customer service. What else can you want in an Internet Service Provider? Keep up the good work HiPOINT!Mar 15 2016 Wiyada S.

HiPOINT provides some pretty fast speeds for my area. With building plans starting at 100Mbps, they’re probably one of the fastest Internet providers in Chicago. Kudos to them!Mar 10 2016

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