How to add money to PayPal account

To add money in your PayPal account you need to attach your credit card or debit card in your PayPal account. To attach credit card/ Debit card detail follow below steps
Step 1  Login into your PayPal account and click on Payment Methods tab. Bottom of the page you will see option Link a card. Click on it ​​​​​Comment Section​​Any visitor have any doubt related to any article or want to give any suggestion to improve content, You are most welcome. You can comment below . To comment you should have account on DISQUS. (To create account on DISQUS just click on Start the discussion and you will be able to see rest option ). DISQUS is 3rd party hosting service which provide comment option on sites.You can also contact by sending mail or on Facebook. Visit Contact Me Step 2​  Provide your debit card or credit card details.Card type -Select your card type such as Visa, master card or otherCard numberExpiry DateCVVAddress – Will display by default​​​Click on Save button.Visitor Information​​A financial blog of every Indian​​Step 3  If PayPal accept credit card or debit card from your bank then you will get a display message that your credit card added successfully. Other wise you will get some error message Now lets understand in which situation you want to add funds in your PayPal account.You want to purchase something online and site is giving as Payment option PayPal. In this case what you need to do is click on PayPal button. After clicking you will be redirected to PayPal site. Login into PayPal with user name and password. After login your credit card detail such as your card number, your name , amount to be deducted will be display.Verify all details and you are done with Payment.​Very Important PointYou can add money in your PayPal account but you can’t hold money in PayPal account. Lets understand this thing you want to purchase something online after 4-5 days and you are thinking today I will add money from credit card to PayPal and after 4-5 days I will purchase item and I will do payment through PayPal which is not possible. You can only add credit card in your PayPal account and whenever you need money you can use your credit card. PayPal is just a middle ware between shopping website and your credit card for purchasing more  thing let us suppose you receive money from any site or from your friend in your paypal account then you can’t use this money to purchase anything . This money can only be transferred in your bank account only. If you want to buy something online you have to attach credit card.Credit card or debit card accepted by PayPalAlmost all Indian bank credit cards are accepted by PayPal. But there are only few Banks debit card are acceptable by PayPal to transfer money from bank account to PayPal account.Below I am providing name of bank and debit card type acceptable by PayPal. This list may be not 100 percent accurate because Its not possible for me to check manually all debit card of all banks, nor I can own all type of debit cards. If any card not working or any debit card is working, you can inform me by sending email and I will update the list. Contact information you can find on  contact me page,
HDFC Bank (Platinum Chip Debit Card)
AXIS Bank (Chip Card)
Indian Bank (EMV MasterCard World)
Standard Chartered Bank
Kotak Mahindra Bank (Gold Chip Debit Card)
Source of Information Question’sQ How to add money to PayPal account from bank?A There is no way to directly online transfer money to PayPal from bank account, like you send money in your friend or relative account. Only possible way is attaching a debit or credit card.​​Q How to add money to PayPal account without credit card?A You can add money in your PayPal account either through debit card or credit card . For Indian user there is no other method available.​


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