How to add PayPal Donation Button in blogger

If you want to make a few bucks from all the hard work you are putting into your Blogger blog then consider adding a PayPal donate button to your Blogger blog (BlogSpot blog). Adding a donation button will encourage all those happy readers to say a big thank you for helping them out. Not everyone will donate but you will get the odd generous soul who will willingly donate some chump change to shout you a coffee. In this Blogger tutorial we will be adding a gadget to the Blogger sidebar or alternatively you could place it in the footer of your Blogger template. We will be using a widget to contain our PayPal Donate Button and will not be changing your Blogger template. If you wish to place the donate button into your Blogger posts see the end of this Blogger tutorial for details.

How to Add a PayPal Donate Button to Blogger (Sidebar or Footer Gadget)

Note: Updated on January 20 2012 to take account of new PayPal interface.

1. Get yourself a

account if you dont already have one

2. Login to your


3. Click on the

tab .

Note PayPal have changed its interface. You now need to select PayPal Website Payments Standard from Merchant Services.

4. Click on donations.

After Click On Donations Text link PayPal