How to Change PTCL Router Wifi Password and Name Settings

PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication limited) offers the default  user name and password for the WiFi router that you are using at your workplace or at your homes. Sometimes you want to change the user-name and password of your router Wi-Fi for the security purposes so that no one else can use the connection of yours as it lowers the speed and in result more data will be used.

Another benefit to change the password and user name of your PTCL router is that you can set an easier one so that you can remember it easily. But there is difficulty for most of the users of PTCL that they don’t know how to change the user name and password of their router wifi using their router settings. There is a really process for changing the user name and password of your router so that you can save your data wastage and enhance your security.

How to change the PTCL router Wi-Fi username and password

By following the simple steps, you can change the router admin name and your password as well and this is really easy. Let’ start how to change PTCL router wifi admin password and name settings using these simple steps.

Step 1:

In the first step you have to open your browser that you use frequently. It could be chrome, INTERNET explorer, Firefox or anyone that you use for surfing. On the search bar type and press enter. You can also use or copy the same code on your explorer’s search bar as well. If the above ip code do not works use this

Step 2:

When you hit enter a dialogue box will open against that code and that will ask the user name and password for sure that you want to change. Type admin in username and password in both the fields and then press enter. In some of the cases you have to enter the “user” in both the fields but this is very rare. If both “admin” and “user” is not working than see at the backside of your modem and type the right username and password against each entry and press enter. Due to security concerns modem have now a big list of user names and passwords.

Step 3:

After hitting the right username and password you will get an admin panel that will appear on your screen of the browser. On the left side in the list of options there will be an option of wireless.

Step 4:

Click on that option of wireless and you will get the drop down list over there.

Step 5:

in the drop down list there will be an option of security and you have to click on that option.

Step 6:

When you hit the security button a complete form will be appear on the right side of screen.

Step 7:

At the end of the form there will be another option of WPA/WAPI bar. Click on that and enter the new password and username that you want to have in future against your router. At last click on apply and all the changes will made that you have done in overall process.